Rockpool Restaurant & The Power of Twitter (part 2)

Read the first part here. Sometime a go I went to a Michelin star restaurant, The Kitchin, in Edinburgh. The restaurant was awarded one Michelin star for excellence in 2007, and the chef, Tom Kitchin, is the youngest ever Scottish Chef proprietor … [Read more...]

Rockpool Restaurant & The Power of Twitter (part 1)

Rockpool, 2010 best restaurant in Sydney according to Time Out magazine, which also scored 3 gongs (best new restaurant of the year, wine list of the year, and maitre d' of the year) from 2010 Australian Gourmet Traveller Restaurant Awards, has just … [Read more...]

Not My Lucky Day

On one Sunday mr.mck and I decided to go for a brunch, and since the day before we had a quite successful experience with Boucla Cafe using the book "The Food Lovers' Guide To Perth" as our inspiration, we decided to check another spot listed in the … [Read more...]

Haggis is English?

Haggis, a traditional Scottish dish, is – according to Wikipedia – made of the following ingredients: sheep’s heart, liver and lungs, minced with onion, oatmeal, suet, spices and salt, mixed with stock, and traditionally boiled in the animal’s … [Read more...]

The End of An Era (?)

It's official. Bugils Jakarta (I can never know the right spell. Is it Bugil's or Bugils? BuGils or BuGil's?) will hold their very last party in December 13th. We have heard the rumour about Bugils closing down forever, but this time it is for … [Read more...]

Another Reason To Drink and Be Merry

Cazbar is celebrating its anniversary, and I am proud to announce to the world, that the bar, which name was formed during a weekend away at one of the shareholders' house through some quiz (the one who came up with the name that would be used for … [Read more...]

Bart and ‘Sweet Home Obama’ Go International

Bartele Santema is in his element. I can imagine him sitting down in a dressing room, powdered-face, maybe a little bit of lip gloss and mascara to enhance his features, a stack of stroopwafels on the table, a glass of beer in one hand, practicing … [Read more...]

Cullen Skink

I haven't written about Scottish food for a quite long time. Not because I am sulking when some blogger alluded me as blog traffic seeker by posting unworthy thread like food, but because I haven't tried something new for a long time. But since the … [Read more...]

One More Beer, Please

Apparently the sentence above is really important and must be translated into 50 languages. Forget how to say please and thank you, don't bother to learn to ask for a direction in a local lingo, as long as you can ask for one more beer in a strange … [Read more...]

Feel Phenomenal

Scottish version of the famous Rudyard Kipling's "If" poem: If you can bounce in six inch heels all night And still walk home in your bare feet If you can keep two passions burning bright And see there`s still some romance in defeat If you can … [Read more...]