Net A Bargain

Natalie Massenet, the woman behind, is about to lunch a designer "outlet" website that will stock top brands with up to 80 per cent off. clipped from Massenet is currently putting the finishing touches to … [Read more...]

On Live Concert

I just purchased two tickets for Nickeback concert in Glasgow next May, and am very excited since it would be the first live concert that I watch. To say that it was the first as real first isn't true, because when I was working in Fox Studio complex … [Read more...]

My Contemplation of Being Older (3)

Post script 5 December: This thread was written under the influence of at least a bottle of champagne and a bottle of Barolo. I just read it again today and have found so many errors and mistakes. I think it is a perfect sign of aging, the … [Read more...]

Let’s Talk About Breasts… Again

Following Tree and my late night chat we came up with boobs post which inspired Tree to tag others (see Tree's extensive list of 'infected bloggers' here) as part of his world domination plan. Those who were tagged cannot help but post something … [Read more...]

On Pornography Laws

The new fireplace was just installed and I've been playing with the fire since. The flame is bright orange inside the stainless steel frame, makes the room warm and cozy. It's wild outside, the trees are dancing and the leaves are struggling to glue … [Read more...]

Thinking About Dating A British Man?

JUST as some women date only prison inmates, so there are those who yearn above all for Englishmen, with their exotic customs and their reputation for making even banal remarks sound like brilliant repartee. For example my friend AA* who has dated … [Read more...]

Let’s Talk About Breasts

It started with late night discussions with Treespotter, although I don't remember how we came up with the idea because usually we talk about politics, poverty, or world peace. All I remember is we have to post one entry together at the same time, … [Read more...]


Less than two weeks and I'm off to London for girl's weekend trip. This would be an interesting meet-up because I only know Nikki who's originally from here but now resides in Assen, and will be meeting others from Assen and one from Oman! So we … [Read more...]

Sexy Sarah Palin?

I just got my new pair of eyeglasses. The old one has been with me for about 5 years: the lenses' protective coating has been peeled off, the Gucci logo on the right side is missing, but so far I didn't feel that I had to change my glasses since I'm … [Read more...]

Fall From Grace (2)

Warning: the post contains large amount of vanity which could lead to migraine, nausea, or even diarrhea. You have been warned. =================================================================== Too much love will kill you, according to Queen. … [Read more...]