Like Father Like Daughter

The photographer had sent 60 photos to me the other day, all must be reviewed and approved before they print them all and compile them in 3 albums.

My fiance approves all 60 without any questions. I approve only 5 of them and send the rest of 55 pieces to the photographer with comments here and there. I put all 60 pics in MS Power Point and make marks in every spot, every inch, and comment them from angle, color, lay out, background ornaments, etc.

My fiance couldn’t understand about my big fuss about it. He says that to him, all pictures look great.

My answer is, “it’s all about details, honey.” I see everything and scan it thoroughly inch by inch and I don’t leave any single spot unchecked.

He shrugs and accepts that that’s the way I am. I’m always like that, attentive to details. That’s who I am, that’s what I do.

If we go traveling, I must know how far the hotel from the airport and how to get there (if there is a hotel pick up, I will call the hotel 1 day before to confirm, even ask where the driver will wait or what car he drives and make sure it can accommodate our luggage). If I must travel for business, I must know beforehand where the meeting is held and how far it is from my room, I must know the meeting agenda before I left Indonesia (believe me sometimes we only get the agenda after we sit down in the meeting room *sigh).

When I applied for my visa, my supporting documents are binded in one A-4 folder, all divided into sections according to UK visa’s requirement, with table of contents on the first page (believe me, it looks like assignments rather than supporting documents).

At work, I often lost my patience because the new project manager from our consultant (where I worked before), couldn’t think sequentially, no sense of risk management, and of course, had no ‘attention to detail’ way of thinking. If she answered one question, I already fired another 20.

Before deciding to go with this particular photographer, I have looked at least 15 photographer to compare price, style, and of course availability. I looked in the magazine, the wedding websites, and asked around. After I chose this one, I asked for a meeting specifically to discuss the style of photos, to meet the photographer and make-up artist, and to discuss the rundown of the day. I want every detail from 7 AM to finish, how long the make-up process will take, how long the indoor and outdoor photos will take, how to get to photoshoots location, who will take the crews, who will handle my clothes, etc.etc.

I know, I know, some people wish they could kick me because sometimes I ask too much and worry too much.

And then my dad arrived last Friday in Aberdeen, only after we have been here for one week. Coincidentally (suspiciously?) my dad had a conference in London at the same time we arrived back in UK, and had spare time to visit his beloved daughter in Aberdeen, he’d fly on Friday and back to London on Sunday morning and directly flight back to Jkt via KL at noon. He already asked Stuart to book a ticket for him to go back to London on Sunday since he couldn’t get one. Approximately 11 AM on Thursday he sent text to me, asking if Stuart’s got a ticket for him, which airline, what time to leave to London, which terminal the plane will land, how far from terminal 3 in Heathrow since he takes MAS, how to get to terminal 3, does he have to get out of the domestic terminal, does he have sufficient time to travel between terminals, can his luggage passed through until Jakarta, etc. etc. I passed all the questions to Stuart, of course. Several questions were answered, but we must find answers for the others.

On Friday after he landed in Aberdeen and was facing the cold weather of the summer, I gave him the ticket. On Saturday night, before went to bed, Stuart logged into the internet and showed my dad the lay out of Heathrow airport, and showed him the terminal 1, and how to get to terminal three. Practically my dad was rehearsing everything he must do since checking in his luggage in Aberdeen until he lands safely in Jakarta. After getting all the information he needed, my dad was relieved and retreated to bed.

After my dad went to bed, I turn to Stuart, smiling, and said, “It’s all about the detail, honey.”

On Monday I got an SMS from my dad, it was like this: “ABZ-LHR on time. LHR-KL delayed 30 minutes. KL-Jkt delayed 3 hours. In jkt immigration queue was 45 minutes, luggage took 30 minutes. Tried to get ticket back to Sby but Garuda was fully booked so managed to get Adam at 7.00PM. Now in the taxi back to your apartment to get your glasses before heading back to the airport.”

Yeah, like father like daughter.