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I just purchased two tickets for Nickeback concert in Glasgow next May, and am very excited since it would be the first live concert that I watch. To say that it was the first as real first isn’t true, because when I was working in Fox Studio complex in Sydney, the Channel [V] often hosted gigs and live interview with artists and I managed to see Nelly Furtado, Craig David, Alient Ant Farm, Shakira, Emma Bunton, and so many others. Britney once came to perform but we were swamped by crazy teenage girls so I couldn’t sneak out to see her.

I once accompanied my cousin who was a big fan of AB Three to the studio where they held their live performance (I certainly didn’t dress for the occasion, and just came from my project with my work boots and one of the guys tapped my shoulder and asked which newspaper I worked for). When I finished a project for Esia office, they asked me to come to their grand opening concert. And so I went and saw Slank and other two or three less famous local bands performing in Senayan.

But watching live concert isn’t my cup of tea. After being squashed in Sydney’s Mardi Gras by drunken spectators and almost died (well, not really but it was a terrifying experience because I was sandwiched between so many people and suddenly someone lifted me up and I was floating in the air, motionless and moved wherever the crowd moved), I always feel claustrophobic if there are too many people in a room, and avoid to voluntarily turn myself into such situation. However it’s such a shame to give in to my phobia because there are many concerts held in UK and mister hubbie always talks about having been to this or that concert and how fantastic this or that band. So I think why not try it at least once, and it’s better now or never.

But since it would be much better to go with others, I have to sync my taste with my friends. Dear hubbie would love to see Foo Fighter but to me it would be two hours headache, unless they play acoustic. I don’t mind the Killer but when the website for ticket sale opened at 10.00 AM, all were gone in 5 minutes. He’d rather die to go with me watching Bon Jovi, which came to UK early this year. And no, he wouldn’t go and see Chris Brown, Kanye West, or Justine Timberlake. Pussycat Dolls has come into town and even with the prospect of girls in skimpy suit and provocative dance, he still says no. He has already bought another ticket to watch The Specials with his friend next year (yeah, exactly my reaction… the who??). My girlfriends of course have different ideas as well. One is estatic when she found out Lionel Ritchie is coming to town. The other one thinks Glastonbury Festival is heaven and she is planning to come over to UK next year to watch Coldplay. Never mind the long traffic jam, muddy field, and half-milion crowd.

So I am glad we finally settle in Nickelback.

Then, on the same night we saw Take That’s Coming To Town Concert on TV and it was fantastic. They set up the stage like a circuit arena with people dangling, jumping, dancing, folding and God knows what else. Britney Spears was criticised by the media when she did a lip-sync during her performance in X-Factor, but Take That did their own vocals, live.
You see, I am known as the rock chick. When my friends in high school were crazy about Tommy Page and Jason Donovan, I was into G n’ R or at least Bon Jovi. When boy bands invaded the music industry with New Kids on The Block, I was into Van Halen. Boyzone or Westlife’s songs stuck in my head but I’m not a fan. I have grown to like Take That because their songs are terrific and easy to sing. And yeah, rolling over on the beach with next to nothing also helped.

But I never openly admit I like them, and I know most of my male friends would rather die than being seen sing along with Take That’s songs.

Until today I found this article.

clipped from www.thesun.co.uk

I challenge anyone who still thinks Take That are a boy band to compare Barlow’s songwriting with the likes of Gary Lightbody from Snow Patrol or Tom Chaplin from Keane.

There’s not a great difference between the three. Yet, for some reason, there is still a stigma attached to loving Take That, particularly for blokes.

But that, thankfully, is changing.

I’ve always loved Take That. I went to see them at the MEN Arena in Manchester when I was 15 and it was a great night.

I’ve enjoyed all sorts of music from loads of different genres but there will always be a place for Take That.

I’ve always been out of the closet with my love for them. It’s never been a problem for me to hold my hand up and proudly say, ‘I am a Take That fan’.

I’m glad it’s becoming easier to confess to being a fan, though, and the more guys who put their prejudice aside and say they are into it, the better.

The band are incredibly likeable, they don’t pretend they’re anything they’re not. They are just a bunch of wholesome guys and great role models for anyone who looks up to them.

For those who still refuse to accept they are a great band who write great songs, then I say it’s time to get over the fact they are Take That.

I’m on the judging panel for the Brits next year and, in the Best British Album category they are in there with The Streets, Snow Patrol, Razorlight and Coldplay.

And they are as deserving, if not more so, than any of those others. Why shouldn’t they win? They are, after all, the full package.

They sing live, they write their own stuff, they look fantastic and they never stray too much from who they really are. That old adage about a good bottle of wine also applies to Take That.

They just keep getting better and better with age.

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According to The Sun, Take That phenomenon is “one of the great comebacks in pop history. After 432,000 first-week sales of their new album, Take That rank alongside giants Oasis and Coldplay. And now anyone from girls to trendy blokes can like them”.

So after Nickelback, I might go to Take That concert. I just need to find out how to trick mr. mck to go along with me….


  1. Maybe Take That is following Spice Girls’ reunion step and saw that those girls had a huge success so why couldn’t they? I’m guessing more broken bands will have reunions soon..

    I didn’t see Robbie Williams in that clip, wasn’t he a Take That member as well?

    therrys last blog post..Workstations You’d Love To Have

  2. Therry: Robbie quit TT a long time a go. He and the other band members just patch things up recently, apparently it was a bad break up. Spice Girls is more global I guess but they cut their concert short due to lack of sales, I heard…

  3. You’re a rock fan? What do you think about GNR’s last album?

    boys last blog post..Chinese Democracy is a joke

  4. Boy: I don’t buy the album. When it first came out many newspaper only gave 2 out of 5 ratings, lots of disappointments everywhere AND – this is the most important thing for me – it is NOT G n’ R. It’s Axl and the band. No Duffy, no Izzy, no Slash.


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