Men Are From Mars

Postscript 24/8/08: This thread has caused a stir a little bit. Even though I didn’t name names, those who circulate in the same crowd as me could easily guess who I was talking about. In order to maintain a peace in the real world, I decide to take this post down.

You can read it to a certain point but the important bits are deleted. Hope everybody understands.


Finally Woken


I‘m in love,” he said. “This girl is… something. She’s special.”
I nodded. Waited for more explanation.
“We had sex for 14 hours.”

Oh. O-k then. Good sex = in love.

Minutes later he and another bloke were in deep conversation. The topic? The best pair of breasts he has ever seen. Big is not only the criteria, apparently, although it is the most important one. Their eyes were wandering around the bar. To be precise, wandering from one pair of boobs to another.

I stirred my glass. I couldn’t explain how I felt. Partly I was amused they thought they could talk about this freely in front of me. Party I was annoyed by the lack of respect they showed to women in general.

=== the rest of this entry is deleted ===


  1. There is thin line between naive/stupid and bastard, speechless… :)

  2. my feelings are with u on this Nit. Hate it when guys do that grrr….

  3. He is definitely not a boyfriend material. It’s good you and your friend know about this earlier. Sometimes you just can’t change a player into a boyfriend.

  4. Sounds like you both had a terrible time.

    You should have had a girls night out instead, forget about Martians and their stupid antics and go wild on your last night before heading back to Abbie!!

    How’s the blog renovation going??

  5. rimafauzi says:

    the guy is a jerk. nuff said. ive had bad exp in trying to set up friends too. i dont do matchmaking anymore. less hassle that way. was they guy french?

  6. @Rima:

    Why, what’s wrong with French guys?

  7. well, he’s not a man, just a horny boy.

  8. Wow, he sounds like a jerk. My husband has always told me that he felt bad about even kissing a girl unless it was an actual relationship. I have so much respect for him for that!


  9. rimafauzi says:

    @therry: nothing wrong with french guys, i just know a french in jkt who is pretty much like the guy anita wrote about..

  10. Finally Woken says:

    @Ecky: you were there… :)

    @Ivy: believe me guys don’t look at this thing the same way as we do.

    @Elyani: He isn’t a player at all, on the contrary, he is a very shy guy. That’s why we didn’t understand why he did it.

    @Therry: nah, it’s ok. It’s life, sometimes it doesn’t turn out as we plan.

    @Rima: nope. And I thought French are more subtle (in dumping girls?) LOL.

    @Akokow: I wouldn’t care if only he didn’t take my girlfriend out the night before.

    @Melbel: there was definitely more than just kissing that night! Thanks for stopping by :)


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