My Contemplation of Being Older

After have reached the age of 32 this month, I spent several days to really open up my eyes, ears, heart and soul, just to understand what it means to be included in “over 30” box. This is what I’ve found so far:

Being older means expect the unexpected.
Like when yesterday Tamara texted me, inform me that the guy I dated a few years back and now is just married, actually has known his bride for 6 years and has asked her to marry him 2 years ago. Which means when he dated me, he’s had committed to someone but keeping his options open. After I read Tammy’s message, I only murmured, “Bastard”, shrugged, and kept on driving my car home. No emotional sweat.
Or when this morning when I was eating my breakfast, the cappuccino cheesecake, and found several coffee beans in the cake and almost choked, I only murmured, “Stupid chef”, shrugged, and kept on eating. No fork down.

Being older means being busier.
A year ago I just made one notice for birthday bash and everybody agreed. This time, it took 2 weeks after my birthday to get people together in one place. Some even couldn’t come because they were in Bali (huh!) for early holiday (huh!). Can’t blame it on people though, because I myself have been working so hard the entire December I hardly see the sunlight because I always finished after 9.00 PM. And it’s scary to see the schedule on my phone because sometimes it looks more like a contact list rather than meeting list. Is it because the company realizes that we’re on the most peak productivity period so they just stashed the responsibilities away to us?

Being older means being calmer.
We planned the B(itch)’s Day Out by visiting 8 places: Bakerzin for coffee, Bugil’s for Spaghetti Tuna and chocolate desert, then start barhopping: Burgundy (all time favorite), Babyface, Blowfish, BATS, Bedroom, and Bros Lounge. However we only managed to visit three of those places, and went home at 3AM. No hangover, no jackpots, no fighting over guys, we managed to get home safe and sound.
It also means that my ideal weekend is now changed from visiting bars to be visiting spa and beauty salon for massage, pedicure, and other self-indulgent. We Indonesians never realize that we are so lucky to be able to do this almost all the time, it’d cost fortune elsewhere and wouldn’t be as good as here.

Being older means being wiser.
On one Sunday afternoon, tired after shopping, I was waiting for the lift in the apartment’s basement lobby. Two african guys entered and started talking to each other. One looked at me and said hi. I automatically replied (I was being polite) and he’s surprised that I could speak English (oh, poor man, where have you been so far?). But then he’s freaking me out by asking whether I live here or visiting, am I by myself or with others, can he get my phone number to talk about business (what business??). Instead of stop talking and ignore him, I looked at him and said that I don’t give my phone number to strangers, and I said it nicely. 2 lift doors were open and I waited them to enter one and I went to the other one. They quickly got out and went to the same lift as me. I pressed the “G” button, kept saying no to whatever they asked, and went out at the ground floor. Luckily they didn’t follow me! Where’s the “wiser” part? Oh, next time, I’d just shut my damn mouth up and pretend to be deaf or imbecile.
It also means I could stop the urge of buying Gucci wallet just because it’s 30% off regular price, but understanding that it’s not a classic, it’s a green wallet, I know myself, and I know that in the next 2 months I’d be bored and start looking for an excuse to buy a new wallet. So I put the wallet back and went out of the store. It hurts, though…..

Being older means appreciating quality rather than exterior.
That’s why I’d rather to go to Cazbar, Bugil’s or Eastern Promise (yay, Bart must be happy I mentioned all of his bars!) because 1) the food is incredibly good and not overprice, 2) everyone knows everyone in Caz, Bugil’s (actually at its website the motto is: Where everyone knows your wife…) or EP, it feels home. And most important thing:
3) the drink is “correct”. I like Burgundy because they’ve got great wine selection and the bar is not too busy, but it’s pricey and I hate going to Red Square because their cocktail is the worst in town and we barely could move let alone dance. So nice, posh, luxury places don’t do it for me anymore, they must serve nice food and drink, and the staffs must be outstanding. It’s like having an Illy coffee rather than Starbucks. It’s two totally different things, and I choose the first one, no doubt. It also means that I’d rather buying classic items rather than having 200 bags that only last for 6 months.

Being older means appreciating small things.
Like having the internet connection back makes me realize how I miss my virtual-unrealistic world. Or eating mie goreng Indomie, because in Scotland I couldn’t find one! Or feeling touched by my temporary staff who went to a great deal to buy me a birthday gift while it’s totally unnecessary. Or having my girlfriends around me all the time, to share very, very unimportant stories and gossips all the time….

Being older means… well, being old.
Which means now my back is stiff, and I have to turn off the computer, soon. And overheard the university students talking in the elevator ride, about their assignments, their bitchy lecturers, their library books, at 7.00 AM in the morning, and it flashed back to me that the same thing happened….14 years ago!



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