New MI6 Chief was Exposed in Facebook

The wife of the new head of MI6, Britain’s secret intelligent agency, has caused a major security breach and left his family exposed after publishing photographs and personal details on Facebook (foreign office staff are warned about using social networking sites when they join but MI6 advises its agents to maintain even tighter secrecy, telling them to reveal their true role only to their closest family).

In this case, Sir John Sawer’s wife decides to share their intimate details to 200 million Facebook users. D’oh!!

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It was just the usual sort of stuff that gets posted on Facebook: embarrassing family photographs, humdrum details of home life and a few congratulatory messages from relatives and friends on that promotion to the top job. Nothing to get excited about – unless the top job in question happens to be as the director of Britain’s secret intelligence agency, MI6. And the man pictured in the questionable swimwear happens to be the next C himself.

Sir John Sawers, who takes up the post in November, found himself at the centre of the embarrassing security row after it was revealed that his wife, Shelley, had posted the sort of information that MI6 operatives are supposed to keep under wraps on her Facebook page. As well as the photos, she had posted details about their children and the location of the flat the couple use in London.

She had not taken advantage of Facebook’s privacy settings, so all the information was available to any of the 200 million users in the open-access London network, as well as being searchable on Google.

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Sir John Sawers is currently the UK’s ambassador to the United Nations and is due to take up his new post in November. Talk about bragging about your husband’s job!





  1. how can she be so naive with the privacy setting, i’m wondering…
    .-= nadia´s last blog ..Nzingha, Warrior Queen of Matamba, Angola =-.

  2. Nadia: I wonder too. I know someone who’s father worked for MI6 and he told me a story (his dad has long passed away) that they didn’t know what his job was; they knew he worked for the government but that was it. When the father was about to travel for business, his wife normally tried to ask whether she should pack for warm or winter clothes, only to be told to pack for both!

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