New Scents for Men

ist1_3816656-young-adult-expressionsForget limey, orangey, and other fruity scents. Forget tobacco. Forget musk. Men must go back to their nature, and in the modern world, Homer Simpson and Joe the plumber are the hero.

Burger King, an American fast food chain, has made a huge jump by selling men’s fragrance with the scent of meat.

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The scent is on sale in New York for $3.99 (£2.65) and through a website that features a variety of romantic images – but no actual burgers.
Its character the Burger King is also seen reclining almost naked in front of a log fire with whipped cream.

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What next? The smell of petrol? Beer? Sweat?

I wonder if this perfume sells, and who would buy it. Personally I don’t want my man to smell like burgers.


  1. Is that a joke, or is that real?

    What a horrible idea … although since I’m in NYC, maybe I should go pick some up … my wife will kill me! :)

    Chris Taylors last blog post..Free Bahasa Indonesia classes!

  2. Chris: I do wonder who will buy the perfume though. Do you find the smell appealing? I think it will make me hungry! And I thought perfume is meant to attract the opposite (or same) sex.

  3. Well, I guess Bugger King totally redefines the saying “Smells good enough to eat.” LOL.

    therrys last blog post..What’s on Therry’s Desk?

  4. Agree with you Anita. I was wondering who will buy those burger-scent?

    I myself won’t consider burger-scent as my perfume, larrr! LOL. But hey, never say never. 😛

    Devi Girsangs last blog post..5-Year-Old Kiddo

  5. LOL, can’t imagine having a date with someone smell like burger king, bet the hunger will replace the romantic feeling.

    Hihihi, I think only the dogs who love that smell … LOL

    tere616s last blog post..Wrapping Personality – A Quiz

  6. I just thought up a really cruel idea for a revenge on ex-boyfriends; just gift them one of these Bugger King’s perfume and let the doberman unleash. LOL.

    therrys last blog post..Photo Experiments

  7. Hi,

    I wish you Yuletide Joy and A Blessed New Year together with your family.

    Happy Holidays!

    Windmills last blog post..Christmas Nostalgia

  8. biar menambah napsu makan

    boys last blog post..Short Selling

  9. Real men do already have by nature the devastating scent of muscles and meat.They don’t need Burger King to be the king.

    colsons last blog post..Smoke 3

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