New Year 2009 Starts With…

ist1_6149793-happy-new-year-2009… plan to change hosting vendor.

Since before Christmas my blog was suspended, because, according to them, it has exceeded 8 MB quota of bandwith. And they did nicely without warning whatsoever. One morning I still could post a new thread, and two hours later my blog was suspended. My frantic question was answered by typical Indonesian customer service standard.

So the blog was closed for exactly one week and has just reopened again today, January 1st.

I am of course beyond pissed off, and vow to change the hosting vendor pronto. If you could suggest a hosting company which is reliable and does not treat its customer like machine (what’s with “take ticket” to send question like we are queueing at travel agent anyway?), please do suggest one to me.

At least nothing is shocking this year. If last year’s first day started with death (read more about it here), this year’s started with plan to murder my hosting vendor. Great.

Despite this, first day in 2009 starts with much anticipated, exciting, holiday finalisation. After ambitious plan to wander Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, in between our 3-weeks holiday in 3 cities in Indonesia, I finally realise we simply do not have much time and must settle with Siem Reap only. Even that, although I perfectly know where Cambodia is, I sometimes forget that when it looks close on the map and it is part of South East Asia too, it is not that near from Indonesia. 5 more hours and we will almost arrive back in UK!

First day in 2009 is also a perfect moment to change my blog theme. The last one that I have had, has been on for almost 6 months. I have been looking for a perfect one since last month and finally found one. Of course lots of modifications must be made, so if you see many blank spaces, please bear with me as the work is under progress.

One of the most respected Indonesian bloggers, Fatih Syuhud, just released his version of Top Ten of Indonesian Bloggers 2008, and I am one of them! I could easily propose at least 10 great bloggers who deserve the same credit, nevertheless I feel honoured to be in the list. It is a sweet thing to start the first day of 2009.

Happy New Year 2009, everybody!






  1. Hey, happy new year Anita! I was wondering what happened to Finally Woken. I’m glad it’s on now! I hope 2009 will be a happy and peaceful year for all of us. Cheers.

    parvitas last blog post..Closing 2008: Embracing the Past, Enjoying the Present, Welcoming the Future

  2. Parvita: happy new year to you too, hope you had a great time in Manado. Will see you back in Indonesia next month?

  3. selamat tahun baru…mudah-mudahan kesehatan dan keberkahan senantiasa berlimpah di tahun ini

  4. For hosting etc stuff, perhaps you can try

  5. Happy new year, this year has got to be better! :)

  6. Happy New Year Anita! Best wishes for you & family :) And congrats for being selected as Top Ten Indonesian Bloggers *hugs*

    P.S. I like this template better than the previous one 😀

  7. Hell and damnation to all impersonalized bureaucracies but good to have you back – more beautiful than ever on top of that!


  8. happy new year! best wishes for all

  9. happy new year and welcome back, Anita! i wish you a superb 2009!
    p.s. love the new look….


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