(Old) Men’s Preference?

The weather has been glorious since I landed back here two weeks a go.

This afternoon, for the first time, I only carried my trench coat – in case the temperature dropped, but it didn’t – and had my see through top and jeans. It felt like I was in a tropical country; it was warm, I even could feel my legs were sweating inside my jeans and I wondered whether I should have worn something lighter, or shorter.

Today was Thursday, shopping night, all shops are open until late (and by late I mean until 8.00 PM), so the town was buzzing. I had to walk very slowly after 45 minutes because my feet hurt like hell, so I stopped in front of Gap, resting my feet, pretending that I was admiring the purple top they display in store. Right after that an old man was walking toward me, he stopped suddenly, looked at me, smiled, and said, “Beautiful.”

He clearly meant it was me he was referring to. He was beaming, grinning, and smiling at the same time. I pretended that I didn’t hear and look, and hurriedly got away from my spot.

And it just hit me.

This was the second time a stranger, no, an old man, stopped me in the middle of the street and tried to chat me up.

I realise that once I wear a wedding ring, I am invisible. Men subconsciously can smell and see that from miles away and turn their attention to those whose ring fingers are bare (see below video).

So why then my invisible power didn’t work on old men? Do I have something on my face that attracts old men?


  1. my mrs. got chatted up in a club in Kuta by a guy for about 10 minutes. He (Ozzie guy) asked her ‘sudah kawin?’ She teased him ‘what do you mean, kawin means had sex, or married’. After he realised, he went away quite quickly. Of course she has a wedding ring anyway.

    Sounds like you were quite pleased to be noticed, even by an old man…. I guess women like to be seen as sexually attractive. Where’s the photo?

  2. Matthew: yeah, but not by old men! Please, where are the young blokes?! 😀

  3. ….the young blokes might have an anxiety attack to dare to be that flirtatious :)
    to be able to flirt like that need lots of muka tembok mentality…and that only able to master after some time … so that’s might be the explanation on why only old man dare to whisper that words with ya…

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  4. Bonnie2405: hahaha I like your theory, you’re probably right. It takes ‘muka tembok’ and ‘berani mati’ mentality to approach a stranger and throw some lame cheesy lines.

  5. hai…..lam kenal……maaf aku gak bisa inggris….boleh kenalan, blognya cantik bu

  6. Well, well, well…it seems that ring doesn’t mean unapproachable, it just means complicated if you continue! I have single friends, that likes to flirt or make out with married women, or young moms. They said they are less complicated and they don’t expect too much out of them.

    I’ve been flirted both with older and younger guys. Older guys, I can understand why. Younger guys? Tell you what, those young blokes who come up and give me the line, they sure have a strong guts to do it to me!

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