On Pornography Laws

The new fireplace was just installed and I’ve been playing with the fire since. The flame is bright orange inside the stainless steel frame, makes the room warm and cozy. It’s wild outside, the trees are dancing and the leaves are struggling to glue themselves to the branches. It is only 13 degrees but everybody is grumpy and feeling cold and longing for the sun. The clock will change this weekend and the darkness will fall sooner and longer.

Winter is coming.

But I’m still brave enough to wear my open-toes sandals. Anja looked at my feet today and asked if I wasn’t feeling cold. She’s Dutch and sensible. I am stupid and would sacrifice my toes in the name of fashion.

It’s my last day meeting my girlfriends because I have to catch an early flight tomorrow for a weekend with the other ladies, parties, gossiping, shopping, talking about boobs, and stuff. Tree would have liked it (he starts the new trend, now everybody blogs about boobs now).

I can’t remember if the pornography laws bans us from talking, writing or even thinking about boobs. I just had a glass of white wine and am not caring about anything but my new fireplace and frozen toes. Rob has a nice picture of Davina in bikini whilst talking about pornography laws and got lots of comments consequently. I wonder if I would get the same buzz if I put the picture of half naked George Clooney up.

Everywhere I turn, most people don’t agree with the law. So I was surprised to receive an email asking for participation to support it. It even asked me and the other readers to sign the petition. And told us that all along we are too stupid to understand the reason behind it, and gave a lengthy explanation about what it means. I cannot resist the temptation to send a reply and change the title from ‘support’ to ‘reject’ and gave a link to The Jakarta Post. I sat back and waited for the kettle to whistle for another cup of coffee. Soon enough a new email came, saying that – more or less – “everything that we fight for will be judged by God Almighty; should there be any perplexity we shall surrender the matter back to God through prayer, and the truth is inside our heart”.

Booby hell.

I don’t see the connection between God and the pornography laws. Except those who are smart enough to produce such bills are those who are playing God and most likely the ones who, morally, need to be examined. See the problem is, those who sit in the parliament are such dirty bastards they think everybody is like them, making amateur sex video or asking for female companies on every transaction (I have heard so many stories about this and it becomes a common practice everywhere up to the sickening degree). There are many more urgent and serious matters to be taken care of. But talking about bikinis and fondling boobies of course are much more interesting and sexy rather than thinking how to adjust the oil price.

I might have to burn all my bikinis. Can’t wear them in London. Can’t wear them in Bali next January. Maybe we’d just stop in Singapore as you can turn up with hot pants or ball gown and no one cares. I don’t know if Oji still sells knock-off porn DVDs at Menteng, he’s disappeared when they refurbished the area a while a go.

In the mean time, my frozen toes needs some attention. I need them intact because I’d proudly display them with my jeweled sandals this weekend, even though the weather forecast states it would be 3-8 degrees, and raining, in London.

I’d be back next Tuesday. Hopefully my toes are still with me.

Note: image on the teaser is courtesy of Lee Hopkins.






  1. Last night I saw a debate going on at one of the local TV stations between Nia Dinata who was against the bill and a guy (don’t know him, not famous) who supporting it.

    It seemed that most people couldn’t even understand the point of the bill, and the unknown guy was busy explaining the real meaning of it, and Nia replied that if the bill was THAT difficult to understand then it meant that the bill was not fit to be released at all. People could be misinterpreting the whole thing and before we know it, FPI will be running around the streets bashing every woman they know who were not covered from head to toe.

    Ridiculous. Totally ridiculous.

  2. This will be a looooooonggg battle for us who reject it and support it… I heard the bill will be postponed till next year due to so many strong rejection across the nations.

    eckys last blog post..Showering style

  3. Sadly, this bill has become one of my strongest reasons not to go back to Indonesia to live.

    The beautiful place I called home has turned into a chaotic land full of hypocrites. Sad!

    the writers last blog post..In the process of getting a cool Mini Cooper

  4. Nita let me know if you have a good mental institution there, I’d like to send bunch of “horny” legislators and its supporter who have drafted this silly law for special treatment. Forgot, this will include the latest case of Syekh (Sex) Puji who married underage girl. :)

    Tonis last blog post..Baking for the love of my life

  5. kutu loncat says:

    Why don’t I you ladies move to Canada then…
    We even did legalized to make at least 50% Canadian artist for porn movies production, so I guess wearing bikini’s or whatsoever still OK with us.. :)

  6. @Toni: yeah, isn’t weird those stupid lawmakers keep insisting the anti pornography bill are designed to ensure public morality but they didn’t do anything to stop the pervert syekhs-maniac Puji from marrying an underage girl. The pervert even intends to marry another 7 and 9 year old girl. Is being a “kiai” makes someone above the law??? I don’t get it, really.

    Elyanis last blog post..More coffee, smaller boobs???

  7. @kutuloncat: porn is legal here in denmark, surprisingly sexual assault cases are low compared to other countries, if there are sexual assault cases such as rapes, the culprits are mainly the immigrants who moved to dk but couldn’t handle their horniness everytime they see naked girls pinup on a newspaper page

    the writers last blog post..Weekly Friday quiz – The Road Trip Test

  8. for what its worth, i don’t think the bill will ever pass – or if it did, it will be very much watered down. too much opposition… i wonder if DPR ppl read blogs….

    treespotters last blog post..on a Lego Self

  9. Nit and other bloggers, would you please post an up date about this from time to time ? I will gladly read it. I’m quite lazy to follow it directly by reading Indonesian papers. Don’t like the tone of discussion.

    My point of view is: Accepting this Law is the same as punishing women being women.

  10. @the writer:
    suddenly i remember that once i had an intention to date u in Christiania..hehe. shud we do that sometime in the future?

  11. I’m growing weary of this. Once again, Indonesia is not a secular country. DPR does not need to base their decission on one majority only. Even some of the majority are not too extreme, I know some Moslem women who disagree with this.

    Dinys last blog post..Oh For the Love of Breasts!

  12. kutu loncat says:

    @ the writer: hahaha … lucky for us, so far I never heard such things like that here in toronto.
    yeah I agree, some mens just can’t keep their pants up all the time. those such lame characters that make me embarassed being as a man. don’t get me wrong, i like observing sexy women, but i just stop there. nothing further :).

  13. @m: kapan loe kmari
    @anita: sorry off topic sama mulia 😛
    @kutuloncat: seriously, i’m growing weary of those foreigners who commit sex crimes, who doesn’t?
    @diny: i suppose you meant indonesia IS a secular country, dear, secular means no religion whatsoever involved in the country law / regulations

    the writers last blog post..Weekly Friday quiz – The Road Trip Test

  14. kutu loncat says:

    @the writer: yeah i understand your concern, ME TOO!!
    do you have constuctive ideas or plan to do about it? as we alll know, you can’t making sense with these kind a people. their brain are really f*#k up. their system of thinking, values, are literally different with normal people like us. perhaps a few seconds taser on their brain would help ?? :)

  15. Hello people, sorry took a long time to reply, I was away and didn’t have a chance to reply your comment. But I’m here now!

    I’m not surprised though that all of us don’t agree with the bill. I was actually surprised to find one lady who does, which triggered this post. Anyway, if we are the representative of majority Indonesians, then why are they still cooking it? It’s bizarre!

  16. I agree with all the bloggers here… the bill is certainly the most absurd thing I ever heard…it’s just plain stupid and how hypocrites they are..yucks!

    Ivys last blog post..… And These Are What Make Me FaT!!

  17. okay, now i have to go back on my own words.. the bill did pass… crapped out.. me…

    my smut peddling business is in danger…


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