On Steve Jobs’ Death and Mr. & Mrs. Maciphone

Somebody has hit the ‘send’ button on his computer and the world was in shock.

On 27 August, financial news service Bloomberg was updating its obituary on Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple Inc., when someone hit the wrong button and the 17-page text of the obituary went out over the wire to Gawker.com.

Of course, Jobs is still alive, albeit had previously battled pancreatic cancer. To paraphrase Mark Twain, reports of his death have been greatly exaggerated. Red-faced Bloomberg is looking awfully stupid and pulled the obituary off the wire as soon as it was discovered and issued a bland retraction: “An incomplete story referencing AppleInc. was inadvertently published by Bloomberg News at 4:27 p.m. New York time today. The item was never meant for publication and has been retracted.” Dave Porter from AxcessNews.com said: “If I were Steve Jobs and I wanted to reclaim my obituary, I’d call the nearest ambulance-chasing lawyer and sue the bytes off of Bloomberg considering Apple shares dropped $4.21, or 2.4%, to close at $169.53 Friday”.

According to the premature obituary, Jobs “helped make personal computers as easy to use as telephones, changed the way animated films are made, persuaded consumers to tune into digital music, and refashioned the mobile phone.”


Almost 15 years a go I was introduced to ArchiCAD by my lecturer, which by that time could only be operated in Macintosh computer, which looked so much cooler compared to PC since the normal PC was still in black and white mode, while Macintosh was already colorful, like today’s Windows kind of mode. I have been in awe since. My first mini ipod, the very first pink item I have ever had, was a gift from Stuart when he came back from a business trip several years a go. Today I am on my second ipod now, and Stuart is on his third. I have got my macbook two years a go as a birthday present, and have even managed to persuade Andie Sumerkiss to change her laptop to Macbook recently. We don’t have any major complaints using all Apple gadgets, so when iphone came out, Stuart was the first one to buy it and for a long time I was really admiring the shiny, sleek, slim, sexy figure he has been carrying all over the world.

Yesterday I’ve got the hand me down iphone since he’s moved to 3G Iphone and we become Mr. and Mrs. Maciphone. Yay.

But I quickly realise that despite its amazing look, iphone is rubbish compares to my old Nokia N73. Seriously. I have just had it for one day and I have been building quite an extensive list of complaints. The selection of cheesy ringtones available made me wandering around the internet until 2.00 AM last night, trying to find a solution. Isn’t it amazing that iphone, a product of apple, which uses itunes to synchronize everything from contacts to pictures, doesn’t allow its users to convert the already bought songs to ringtones? Of course I didn’t give up easily, and have found an incredible site called Audiko and thank God now I have my Justin Timberlake ringtones back into my life and Stuart is happy I put Greenday’s Basketcase in his iphone.

But soon I find other functions which doesn’t work properly, which I can’t do much about it. Apparently someone in Apple office invents a brilliant idea to restrict the transfer file activity using bluetooth to protect itunes as the only medium. Yes, ladies and gentleman, I even cannot transfer my pictures, contacts, or any other files, from my macbook to my iphone using bluetooth. At first I thought it was my another stupidity like when I didn’t realise how easy to sync my lovely N73 to macbook until Reynolds taught me the tricks yesterday. But no, no, the bluetooth transfer file function simply doesn’t work. The device is read and paired, but that’s it. It doesn’t do its job, it doesn’t receive file, and it won’t send file. If macbook to iphone transfer doesn’t work, do not even bother to try another brand device to iphone. Isn’t it amazing? Bluetooth is a very basic feature which all mobile phones have today and have spoiled us, the users, as an easy, free way to transfer files, after the stone age technology of infrared. Imagine we are sitting next to each other and I need your plumber’s number and you can’t even send the contact card to me using bluetooth!

Wait, it doesn’t stop here. This morning Stuart sent me someone’s number, but actually it wasn’t me who needed it but his aunt. I frantically searched for forward button, so I can forward the number to her. Let’s laugh together ladies and gentlemen, because iphone doesn’t allow SMS text messages to be forwarded! No, I’m not joking. What should I do? Jot down the 11 numbers down somewhere else then retype it again and send it again? Very practical. Not.

So I found this site which compiles protests from iphone users regarding its rubbish features.

Now, since Jobs has the privilege of reading his own obituary, maybe it is time for him to sit back and reflect what he has done so far. Forbes featured 5 things Jobs should do before he actually dies, but I believe that one thing that Steve Jobs should do is to fix all these bugs on iphone or people will stop buying it!














  1. May be I am one of the few people who are not into Apple technology just yet!!
    Too elegant for my personal taste I suppose!
    These big names infuriate me. SONY does that with memory cards in its digital technology; where you can’t use SD or MMC cards, just SONY PRO DUO! Infuriating!

    Couldn’t they just relax a bit?! :)

    S Ns last blog post..Scottish Independence: A Matter of England Letting Go, or Scots Wanting So?

  2. Mr and Mrs MacIphone? Nice. As opposed to my husband, I am really minimalist when it comes to technology and gadgets. I didn’t even know who Steve Jobs was until like the second year of my marriage (although, I used to use Mac at uni until they were phased out). I hate text messaging, and I want my music from a CD player bought in the 90s. My best purchase is an LG portable DVD player that has been really faithful despite constant abuse from a toddler. When it’s on, I can blog walk for a weeeeee bit and read your posts! :)

    katadias last blog post..Being random on cohabitation and other marital states

  3. This post reminds me of the SATC movie where Carrie was asking someone to borrow their mobile and Samantha handed out her iPhone, and Carrie took one look at it and goes, “I don’t know how this works.” and demanded for a traditional flip-out one that she knew how to use LOL

    It’s hard to imagine an iPhone not being able to do all those simple things – bluetoothing information, sending contact address, etc.

    I guess my ancient SE W300i is not that bad after all 😉

    therrys last blog post..

  4. What a timing and useful post for me! I am now busy comparing Smart Phones. I doubt to choose between Iphone, N95 8G, Samsung Omnia or Blackberry. Still have 3 weeks left to decide.

    Thanks for sharing, schatje!

  5. SN: I know *sigh. Why these people think their only brand is the best and doesn’t need to ‘communicate’ with others. Being over protective against their competitors will just leave them many steps behind others.

    Katadia & Therry: I’m quite loyal actually. I don’t change mobile phone as often as other Indonesians. My Nokia N73 has been with me for 2 years and the only reasons I wanted to change it were because it doesn’t have wifi and it started to freeze due to too many stuff I put int there.

    Lorraine: Go for iphone if you want a ‘show off’ :). If you are a ‘furious’ texter don’t bother with iphone, with its touch keyboard it takes a while to type one SMS. Oh dear, I keep complaining…

  6. Hm … too bad that I didn’t find “Iphone lovely feature forward sms” when my nephew was here.

    Just a couple days ago, we were sharing his new Iphone smart phone. If I know maybe I can share my frustration with you too.

    The only steve job’s idea that I use only Ipod, and compare to nokia, yup … Nokia is everything

    Oh, BTW, Love your new home … ; I think I will change my home too, especially since i want to post to my Indonesian blog too. Phew, but I doubt it that it will done within a month :-(

    tere616s last blog post..Sex with Own Brother ?

  7. Hi Tere, thanks. Yeah people are usually admiring iphone’s figure before realising that it is not a complete, sophisticated mobile phone. It’s an ipod we can use as a phone!
    PS: read your last post: eeeeeuuwwww…!!

  8. Me likey my new iPhone too! Love the apps!

    Dinys last blog post..Ass+u+me Continued!

  9. Weee … i never know that iphone wasnt able to perform such simple feature, yet i kept on admiring it until now. But from my point of view, iphone really gives a new breakthrough for the whole phone gadget world. Two thumbs up. But its really a shame if iphone are lacking those simple features. Should’ve been better.
    And talking about smartphones, i agree with Lorraine about samsung Omnia hopefully has a better features than iphone hehe ..

    Btw mba Anita, love your new home. Really really cozy … its been a while since the last time i went to your blogspot and i just found out about your new home today. Congrats :)

  10. Really? You don’t like it? But they look so sleek … I still can’t convinced “someone” to get me one yet. I hope soon. I like taking photos and iphone is the only one around that can display photos so nicely …

    Samsung is coming out with something like iphone. Maybe I should check it out.

    PS. Congrats on the new site! It looks fabulous.
    The gravatars are not aligned though … but maybe it’s just my safari that’s messed up

    Andie Summerkisss last blog post..Personal Hiatus

  11. Diny: me likey too, despite a long list of complaints :)

    Dini: yes in a way iphone is really cool but it forgets that it has to fulfill the basic mobile phone requirements too. Thanks for stopping by.

    Andie: Thanks, yeah the gravatar is driving me insane but I haven’t been able to find the codex, hopefully soon.

  12. told ya… hehehhe…

  13. Rckz: I don’t have you to guide me here, so… 😛

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