One More Beer, Please

Apparently the sentence above is really important and must be translated into 50 languages. Forget how to say please and thank you, don’t bother to learn to ask for a direction in a local lingo, as long as you can ask for one more beer in a strange place, you’d be fine, and you’d charm the local girls.

I have checked its translation to Indonesian, and found it incorrect (although people still can understand the query). It is translated to “satu lagi bir, makasih”, which is supposed to be “satu bir lagi, terima kasih”. I guess whoever translates it for the writer must be a non-Indonesian who masters the local language by practice, rather than by taking formal lesson. Turns out when I checked on the comment section lots of people also said that the translation to their respective language is either weird or wrong.

Nonetheless, in a real world, most of the times I see patron don’t even bother to tell the waiters what they want, they simply call the waiter, show their index finger and point it to their drink, and the waiter knows perfectly that they want for another one. No wonder many foreigners still can’t speak Indonesian even though they have been living in the country for more than a couple of years. That’s the blessing of living in Asian countries – you’d get waiter going around tables and check your drink status, you don’t have to elbow other fifty thirsty patrons to get into the bar and wait for 45 minutes, ignored by the barmaids, just to get a drink, like here (last night while standing patiently at the bar, I heard a girl next to me shouted to the barman whether she has to be naked to get served – and was still completely ignored. Yikes).

Now, how do we translate “one more for the road” in Indonesian? Some of my expat friends literally translate it into “satu lagi untuk jalan“, which doesn’t make sense at all. The phrase means a final drink taken just before leaving on a journey, and since Indonesia doesn’t really have a drinking culture, we never say such thing.



  1. the writer says:

    Yang terjemahan Danish nya kok ngaco…. :) (di link asli)

  2. There is never one for the road. It’s always more than one 😉 Unless what they meant was one more hour… :)

  3. rimafauzi says:

    satu lagi sebelum jalan?

    sekali lagi sebelum cabut?

    au ah gelap.. aneh semua.. bahasa inggris ga semua bisa ditranslate ke bahasa kita…

  4. Finally Woken says:

    @The Writer, the website is overwhelmed by protesters now :)

    @Bleu: spot on! One for the road for each person in the group to buy their rounds, more likely, which means it could be another 4-10 drinks!

    @Rima: hehehe.

  5. Rob Baiton says:

    Who said beer was not important?

    It is important in at least 50 places, right?


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