Polar Bears’ Easter Lunch

What was she thinking??

A woman leapt over bars at Berlin Zoo right at the bears’ feeding time and instead of trying to get herself away quickly from the hungry predators, she swam right towards them.

The bears must have thought “Yumm, big lunch, rather different from fish we normally get, but whatever”, when they saw her, and one bit her several times in on arms and legs. The keepers threw down a rope in attempt to rescue her. As she was swimming towards it, the other polar bears were circling around her and attacking her. She finally grabbed the rope and was pulled up by her rescuers.


What she did was unthinkable not only because she put herself in dangerous position, but also those 6 keepers who tried to distract those hungry bears. The woman was taken to a hospital for treatment. Her condition was not immediately known. Police did not say why she jumped in with the bear.


  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4CDNJFV-9pM
    (I made the soundtrack for this encounter.)

    (and this one is from an amazing person who has learned to live with these animals.)

    And, as for the finding from the hospital after inspecting the woman?
    Goofy. She’s just plain goofy!

  2. Boneman: You’re not suggesting that the polar bears on the above video were just playfully biting this woman, were you? PS: your two videos are cute!

  3. dagnabbit! they took it off already :(

    Dinys last blog post..“I Love You, Man” to You, Sis!

  4. damn. i love polar bears!!

    Not nice to see them scary that way.

    how’re you anita?

    treespotters last blog post..on Spanking Rabbi

  5. If she is just beginning, she won’t know how to play C natural yet. “Happy Birthday” may be too difficult for her unless she knows all the notes on the D and A string

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