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It’s a hot topic amongst Santas around the world. No, we’re not talking about well-groomed Santas with 6-pack tummies (so the red outfit can look better on them) and trendy stubbles rather than long beardie. Santas now have to start paying attention to their… err… laughter, because it could offend women.

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Sacked Santa’s Ho Ho Ho Blow

Jolly Santas may offend

Jolly Santas may offend

Employment company Westaff, which supplies shops with their own red-robed Father Christmas, had earlier asked its Santas not to use the phrase.

It claimed that as the word “ho” is American slang for whore, it could be offensive to female shoppers.

Santas were advised to say “ha ha ha” instead.

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If you think being a Santa is easy, you should think again. There’s more jobs rather than having kids on laps, laugh (but no ho ho ho!), and grooming white long beard. Skynews reporter went to the oldest Santa training school in Michigan, USA, to unwrap Santa’s secrets. There they will get tips how to look good in red tight suits, how to sing, learn the sleigh riding, and also how to handle unexpected questions from innocent kids like:

Kids: Santa, did the elves make all the toys in North Pole?
Santa: Yes, they do.
Kids: Then why do I have Made in China stamped on mine?

Don’t laugh. A graduate from this school can secure a job and make £10,000 (that’s USD 20,000!) in 6 weeks. Not bad from some guy from North Pole who only works once a year, eh?



  1. Marc Neilson says:

    Thank goodness this was an isolated incident I mean, in my best lyrical prose, whaaaaatever!!!

  2. -Fitri Mohan- says:

    it’s not bad, really. considering that many don’t believe of his existence. (but believe enough that his ho ho ho is dangerous). 😉

    hi anita, thanks for dropping by yah. :)

  3. says:

    Fitri? you don’t believe in Santa????

    Off topic, Anita, your wedding pics are fabs!

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