I have just read Ecky’s blog and she’d assigned me to mention 7 different things about me. I thought: piece a cake, while actually, I must spend like more than 30 minutes to really realize that, surprisingly, this is me! Why seven and not 4 or 9, I don’t know, ask her!

So here’s what she asked:

7 Facts about me:
1. Very serious at work, ‘judes’ & ‘galak” (feisty), because I expect the best out of everyone and myself, but outside office, I’m much more relaxed
2. Blunt, sometimes too blunt, and sometimes I wish I could be more tactical
3. Seem hard & intolerant, but actually very soft, I always cry when see animals being hurt in Animal Planet!
4. Passionate, I can’t hide my feelings, I wish I had a poker face!
5. Good listener and good secret keeper, but if I know harmless gossips, it is MY duty to spread them out to the world with spices added!
6. Observer and like elephant, I never forget
7. Spender, but always choose quality over quantity – and end up broke…

7 Goals:
1. Back to school and get a PhD
2. Back to be a writer, I miss it!
3. Be a lecturer
4. Learn French and start using my German again
5. Make my parents happy by sending them over to Mecca for Haj
6. Have a house which I design and build
7, Travel around the world before get too old

7 Dream Places to Visit – actually would be great if I could live there too:

1. Florence, Tuscany, and all over Italy
2. Spain – especially Guggenheim museum, I think Frank Gehry is brilliant
3. All modern architectural landmarks by Gehry, Zaha Hadid, Eisenman, Meier, (late) Morphosis, Meier, Coop Himmelb(l)au etc.
4. South America: Inca, Aztec, Maya
5. Sydney, I miss the city :((
6. New York, but only if I have enough money to shop there!
7. All best resorts and spas, I like finest things and to be pampered :)

7 Eating places to go:

1. La Na Thai, dark, romantic, nice food, great mojito
2. Sushi Tei (they should give us member cards!)
3. Cazbar for its lamb chop, thai beef salad, fried mushroom, chocolate brownies cheesecake, great coffee, alcohol, free wi-fi, and waitresses who know you by name!
4. Kudeta in Bali
5. One particular restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), but I don’t remember what it’s called
6. Anywhere that serves good sambal, grilled fish and great seafood
7. Indochine in Singapore
(I still have C’s in Grand Hyatt and Cassis in Pavilion Apartment!)

7 “Thank Yous’:

1. People who invented internet
2. People who invented mobile phone
3. Myself, I’ve worked hard to be here and be like this! I’m not trying to be cocky…
4. My current boss in L’Oreal who has faith in me and supports me all the way
5. My girlfriends, for good and bad times where they’re always there for me
6. My boyfriend, who’s always funny and positive and can make me laugh and see the brighter side of the world
7. My parents especially my mom, an extraordinary woman who had done more than any woman I know (journalist, writer, TV anchor, etc), who’s been there to support me during my difficult period and always managed to find a laugh about it

There, I finished in 37 minutes!!


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