Shannon Matthews: Bizarre Case

Shannon Matthews is only 9 years old when she failed to return home from swimming trip on February 19. Her disappearance didn’t hit the news as big as Madeline McCann. Missing Madeline gets full coverages from media and attracts celebrities ‘ attention (on her 100th day missing, both Sunderland and Tottehnham Hotspur teams walked on to the pitch in white T-shirts bearing Madeleine’s photograph and the words “Don’t You Forget About Me”, and the energetic campaign mounted by the McCanns to find their daughter has raised millions in donations and reward money and involved celebrities like David Beckham and Richard Branson). But the news of Shannon’s disappearance could be found somewhere on the tiny corner of the newspapers. No celebrity jumped to help. No football team players wear the picture of Shannon’s. The media was accused to pay a greater attention to Madeline’s case because she was beautiful, her parents are glamorous (mother is GP and father is cardiologist), and she was snatched from family holiday in Portugal. Shannon, on the other hand, is a daughter of Karen Matthews, who is a mother of seven children from several different men, and has been living with Craig Meehan, Shannon’s stepfather, who is 22 years old, for five years. Karen doesn’t look as posh as Madeline’s mother – blonde, skinny, beautiful – and Craig hides behind a baggy jumper and thick glasses, nothing like Madeline’s father – smart looking, serious, fit and tanned after holiday in Portugal.

Luckily, 24 days later Shannon was found hidden in the base of a divan bed in her stepfather’s uncle’s dingy apartment. He was later charged with Shannon’s kidnap and false imprisonment and is remanded in custody awaiting trial in November.

Everybody was happy.

Until suddenly the case turns into a Hollywood’s day soap opera.

While Shannon is remain in a police custody, and the media has been trying to dig out some more stories about her abduction, Shannon’s stepfather was arrested on suspicion of possessing indecent images of children in April 2. Then his mother and his sister were both arrested in connection with the alleged abduction. Now Shannon’s own mother, is charged with neglecting and abandoning Shannon, and is accused of concealing information about Shannon’s whereabouts. Karen allegedly knew exactly where Shannon was the whole time when the entire neighborhood, hundreds of officers and 60 detectives were turning every rock to find her. It’s Britain’s biggest ever hunt for a missing person that costs £5million (that’s about Rp 100,000,000,000!).

On April 8 police spoke to Clarence Mitchell, the spokesman for missing Madeline McCann’s parents, over attempts by people claiming to be Shannon’s relatives to get money from the fund set up to find her.

Picture of Shannon is borrowed from The Sun.



  1. Andie Summerkiss says:

    Crime against children, especially those carried out by people who are close to them, are the worst kind of criminal act.

    I hope the truth will come out and take the “Hollywoodness” out of it.

    How strange that turned out huh.

  2. i dont understand.

    did the family really know where she was or just in the soap opera? and what about Madeline? did they found her?

  3. Finally Woken says:

    @Andie: Yeah, feel like watching soap opera on TV. The neighbors now are very upset because they actively involved in the search to find Shannon. The community is upset because Shannon’s mum made a plea with tears, asking the kidnapper to return Shannon, while she allegedly knew where Shannon was for the entire time. Crocodile tears?

    @M: Apparently the mother knew that Shannon was in her stepdad’s uncle’s house for the entire time. This case isn’t finished. Rather than a straightforward kidnap case like people thought, where the uncle is accused of being a pedophile sicko and that’s his motive of kidnapping Shannon, 4 other family members (Shannon’s stepdad, his mother and sister, and Shannon’s own mother) are questioned or charged and Shannon is still in police custody. Madeline, sadly, is not found yet. It’s going to be a year since she was last seen in Portugal.

  4. It seems like the whole of Shannon’s family (except Shannon herself) are a bit twisted, if you catch my drift.

    What kind of a mother would leave her own daughter with a paedophelic uncle???

    And how come there are so many paedophelic uncles in the world? This is like the umpteenth time already that I hear that.

    What is with that, really? o_O

  5. accordingtod says:

    Glad she’s found and alive. Hopefully she won’t grow up ‘twisted’ like the rest of the family.

  6. This breaks my heart.

  7. eh di bbc lagi rame lagi tuh madeline, gara2 kasus austrian crazy father who kept his daughter in cellar for 24 years..masyaAllah.. ya Alah lindungilah anak cucu mantu kami 7 turunan dari y begini2..AMIEN!

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