Shortbread, Oatcake, and Rowie

Shortbread is a Scottish-origin biscuit which is made from white sugar, a lot of butter, and plain white flour. These sweet cookies are usually served with tea (hot tea, I may have to add, since for Asians tea sometimes is served cold) in the afternoon, or for a snack.

Due to its popular demand, shortbread is also made in other countries like Denmark and Sweden, but of course the Scottish version is the most popular one.

Walkers Shortbread Ltd is Scotland’s largest shortbread exporter, and thank to them, you could find these cookies in Jakarta, at least I’ve seen them displayed in Sogo supermarket. Dean’s is also another nice brand. But of course the best shortbread I’ve ever tasted would be Stuart’s grandma’s homemade ones!

Oatcakes are made almost entirely of oats and make the perfect accompaniment to soups, meat and fish dishes. They are also can be served as snacks, paired with butter, cheese, continental cold cuts or pâté as well as marmalade, honey and preserves. Both Walkers and Dean’s have oatcakes in their products range.

Rowie is a traditional Aberdeen-origin bread roll, also known as butteries or morning roll. Its look is similar to its French cousin, croissant, but much flatter and greasier. It is also saltier (seriously, Scottish people have weird crave for either deep-fried, butter, or salt), and is shaped into round or oval rather than a crescent shape. Fresh rowie is sold in bakery shops and usually served as breakfast. It can be eaten cold, heated up, or toasted, with butter, jams, marmalade, or just plain. Bad news, though, one tiny piece of this roll – by itself, without butter or any other toppings – will take up at least 600 calories, almost one fourth of an adult’s daily energy need!

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  1. This reads like an invitation to high tea. You may have a lot of gueasts this afternoon.

    (I don’t have any doubts any more: Indonesians know how to enjoy life where ever they are.)

  2. Donnie Highlandscapes says:

    Have you heard of Scottish Tablet!
    It is the most amazingly sweet fudge like thing! I have been making it for family and friends for years, but started selling it online. I have had fantastic feedback. It too, along with Shortbread, Oatcakes etc etc aare real scottish favourites. Not sure how well travelled the name tablet is though.
    Loch Leven Tablet is available at


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