Simple Friendships

What happened to simple friendships? You know what I mean. A friendship that doesn’t cost you a thing. A friendship that is not based on what you get = what you give. A friendship that lasts because you like each other, not because you’re doing business together.

In our childhood, you simply made friends because you like the same stuff. Not because she’s pretty or because she wore a barbie doll shoes. You hated some people because they annoyed you with their attitude or behaviour, not because they stopped giving you lollies.

But now, it’s all measured. If I’m your friend, what can I get from you? A business deal, perhaps? Commission? A cute girlfriend to be fixed up? A network?

I miss my simple friendships. I miss my old friends. I miss making friends without being judged. I miss having friends without calculating what I can get from the friendships or wondering if they want to be my friends because they’re after something.

Can somebody tell me how to do it?


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