Sleeping with A Superstar

I met Melly last Tuesday, the first time in weeks, after I’d been away for business trips to Hong Kong, Singapore and Bangkok, and Melly’ had been away to her hometown and her fiance’s. No one else turned up since everybody’s been busy (Ecky’s busy with her new boyfriend and everything else, Dinar’s busy’s with work, Asti and Prila are simply busy), and were surprised to find the place was quite packed.

As Bugil‘s motto is ‘where everyone knows your wife’, we easily spotted some friends, so we stopped by and said hi. After a chitchat about how life’s been, one of them asked me if I knew one boyband. I sheepishly apologize, saying that I kinda know the group, but not a fan. But I do remember there are 4 guys, all gorgeous, and have wonderful voices. I know American Idol’s Simon is the producer. But I don’t relate to the songs. Too mellow. Do I know they held a concert in Jakarta recently? Yes, I think I saw some posters somewhere, but I didn’t pay attention, either where or when. Do I know which one is C**? Again I had to say no. The Spanish guy? No. I hardly remember their faces let alone know which one is who and who’s married and who’s single.

The girl said she went to the concert, she’s been a fan since forever, so she’s so happy she could see their live performance. And then suddenly she said that not only watched the concert, she also slept with one of the band members!


And she then described every single detail about where, what, who, when, and how it happened. I was stunned for a moment. She seemed so proud and happy, to be able to distinguish herself away from other fans. She’s special!

When she’s proudly describing the details, I couldn’t help but wonder, why is it so special, why was he so special? What was she looking for by doing it? A recognition and applaud from her friends? Can she face the fact that she’s no more than just a ‘groupie’? I asked her whether it was good, and she said no. But she didn’t care, because they guy who she’s with that night was a SUPERSTAR!

Personally I have no opinion about what she’s done. She has every right to do so (who could stop her anyway). But to me it’s like this. You like this band. You adore them. You think they’re wonderful, adorable, amazing, one of a kind. You remember every single word in their albums, the band members’ birthday and pet’s names, their love life with (usually) other celebrities, their shoe size, their hair color, their concert schedules. But as superstars, you put them in the pedestal. They are not real. They are somewhere in Hollywoodland. The land of botox, bulimia, and Atkins, million dollars deals, jealousy and insecurity, the land of the weirder they are, the more famous they become.

Why tear down the imagination? By getting close and personal they become…. human beings.

Maybe time has changed. We used to keep pictures and albums of our favorite singers or bands when we’re in a high school (I used to put a brooch of Skid Row’s Sebastian Bach on every clothes I have, ugh!) . We went to their concert if we could afford the ticket price (once, my cousin went to Brazil to see Michael Jackson’s concert!). But I guess it’s not enough. It’s better to get close and personal with the superstar, and collect the memory, not memorabilia. It doesn’t matter if it’s good or not.

Maybe we should find a way to sell the memory to E-Bay. I mean, somebody bought a sandwich Britney Spears bit, why not buy a memory?

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