Little Something For Christmas

Recession? What recession?

Some people are literally showered with money, and if you and your mega-rich friends have an extra million or two to spend, British newspaper’s The Sun’s has some ideas about the most opulent and OTT presents for Christmas this year:

Picture 2

Iphone 3GS Supreme, contains 271g of 22-carat gold and almost 200 diamonds. The navigation button is from 7.1 carat rare diamonds. Only for £ 1.92 million. Contact to order.

Picture 5

Every lady needs a perfect handbag. This one is definitely going to guarantee the compliment from everyone. Made from pure platinum and set with over 2,000 diamonds, for only £1 million, it is cheaper than the above gold-diamond iphone

Picture 3

Looking for something practical? This is great gift idea for your loved one for only £65,000. This 2010 Jaguar XJL has massage seats, heating steering wheel (perfect for winter!), and voice activated heating control. No information about colour choices, but I am sure you could pick one.

Picture 4

Your girlfriend might appreciate this little bottle of perfume adorned with white diamonds. From, it’s for £2,700. Such a bargain, especially if you need to buy 11 pressies for all of your girlfriends!

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  1. I'll buy my wife a warm shawl at Woolworth, I'll eat rabbit at Xmas and drink cheap bubble wine at New Year – raging and in anger and wrath while softly singing :

    Arise, wretched of the earth
    Arise, convicts of hunger
    Reason thunders in its crater
    This is the eruption of the end
    Of the past let us wipe the slate clean.

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