Sometimes It’s Just Damn Too….Aarrgghh

It was a very hard day, a tough day. I had one conference call meeting at 9.30AM and 7 (seven!!) normal meetings, from one to another without a break, each took one hour, and at 6.30PM was in the restaurant at the ground floor to meet another supplier. The day was particularly tough for me, but I don’t mind. My boyfriend always says I secretly like being busy (and then complain when I get too busy).

What made it hard was when my work was challenged. It’s difficult enough to make people believe that what I do is no game, it’s a methodical system to get the best out of everything. But it’s maddening when the result was not trusted, as if the numbers appear from excel form is just numbers. Challenging my work is one thing, I don’t mind, in fact, I need to be constantly challenged so I know that what I do is acceptable for everyone. But not trusting the result is another thing, especially if it is stated without hard evidence.

I had spent 8 months to develop this, to show that this is what we have, and when it was thrown back in my face was like hitting in the stomach…it is insulting. Especially because it wasn’t my boss or the board of director, or my CEO. Especially, because when asked back, no data was shown to prove me wrong.

The day was particularly tough. I sipped my coffee and waited for Melly. Oh well, we’re gonna go for a drink tonight. I needed it. I surely damn well need it.

Then at 6.30 my phone was vibrating. My last meeting appointment for the day. I took a deep breath, put on a smile on my face and my voice, then took the phone. Another 30 minutes then I could go for a drink. Tuna spaghetti, chocolate melt, wine, and nonsense chit-chats.

Another 30 minutes to go.

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