I have been searching for it. Deep down inside my mind, heart, and soul, I know what I’m looking for, but it would be impossible to explain it to the world. It’s my exclusive journey, that I and only myself could understand, that I must endure privately.

I have an ideal image in my head. Something gorgeous, somewhat perfect, easy to maintain, and could be modified as per my request. I have spent days painstakingly looking for the perfect version, I have dreamt of finding something that can represent me, or the version of me which I picture in my head: cool yet a bit complicated, simple with hints of surprises here and there, sleek, sexy, intriguing, and works in every season.

I have dated about twenty of them for the past week. I even have shamelessly stolen other people’s, tried to see whether what they have suited me. I have stayed up late wandering around the world. I have been circling around from every corner and possibility. I ask people what they think. I’m nervous, restless, agitated….

I have yet. To find. My soulmate.

I have yet. To find. A perfect. Template.

You might see my blog undergoes a minor surgery, like botox, every time you come to visit. Please bear with me. I promise it will be done soon.

I know, I’m that vain…

PS: in case you’re wondering, my header is designed by Therry. I can’t thank her enough. I’d probably pester her for the rest of her life, asking her to change this and that bit. Forever.

PS again: I tested the header to several friends. Boys think it’s naughty because the girl looks naked. I argue that she has her stilettos on, although it doesn’t necessarily mean she’s dressed. What do you think?


  1. Anita,

    Your template Soulmate is really beautiful, Well done Therry! I especially love the detail of the Butterfly at the letter F.

    Lorraines last blog post..Next Saturday…..

  2. yay!! the current template – in case you change it again – is CUTE. yeah. a lot of spaces just make it cozy. yes, and that one. your F. hahahaha.. anyway, i’ll be waiting for your soulmate. happy hunting!!

    christins last blog post..PAYUNG

  3. I’ll always waiting to be your soulmate and your friend

    mikekonos last blog post..Intelek itu Cantik

  4. It is you, Dear Anita. I like it. I don’t see it as naughty. Feminine, soft yet thinking.

    parvitas last blog post..Fasting: Did God tell us to do More Harm than Benefit to our Body?

  5. What missing are the flirtatious and cheeky…. these 2 characters are part of you though.. :)

    Eckys last blog post..Waking up, Man vs Woman

  6. Anita…

    The Orange’s color is gorgous. Somehow, it is too girly and too soft approach and yet your writing is straight forward, blunt and honest which that had made you stand out and different from the crowd.

    Sexy, witty are some spices you might want to add in.

    Hope, it helps

  7. Well I personally think the naked girl its the main reason why it’s so special πŸ˜‰

    But that’s just me πŸ˜›

    Thanks for the mention – can I review your blog? Or shall I wait until you find the perfect soulmate?

    therrys last blog post..

  8. Dear all, thanks a lot. I’m still searching. There must be one perfect template for me out there!

    Therrry of course you can review my blog – as an attention whore I will never say no to free publicity, LOL. Beside, this is your header, you should broadcast it to everyone!

  9. Hi Mbak Anita,

    You probably have known this, but just in case, there are some fantastic wordpress template in here:

    30 collected by Smashing Magazine

    100 also compiled by Smashing Magazine

    There are plenty of exciting links to follow from there.

    Heru Rishardanas last blog post..Sense of Humor

  10. I sooooo love your template…simple, sexy, sensual, mind provoking….so youuuu!!!!

  11. Hi Anita! Thanks for visiting my blog. I would love to join your community. Is there anything I should do? I will link your blog on mine. Love your lay out, it’s original, inviting and teasing at the same time. Well done!

    santi ds last blog post..Embracing Multiliteracy

  12. Thank you for your post it is valuable information for me

  13. Bagus headernya! when i first looked at it there was a bit ngiri..haha.. and i secretly thought : o my god , the header represents anita very nicely! :)

    Gacantis last blog post..selow sedikit. menyampah a bit. and time lapsed digital.

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