Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning: thorough cleaning, especially of a residence when winter is over.

ist1_4727059-happy-house-keeperThe first time I heard spring cleaning term was when I was working back in Indonesia. Every time we were ready to move a company to their new office space, the removals or movers would come to identify each staff’s items, pack them in the labeled boxes, and take them to their new assigned desk.

Normally at the same time it would be a good opportunity for the staffs to throw their old, unused documents and materials away. Usually half of obsolete documents and materials locked safely for years inside the staff’s cupboard would be the first to go, and they are always surprised to see how many junks they have collected over the years. It’s a good omen. New office, new desk, (not-so) new documents, and fresh, tidy filing system.


Well, for a wee while, I haven’t done spring cleaning on my blog. I have been adding and adjusting, but never actually sat down and check each feature, plugin, or function, to make sure they are working properly. I haven’t updated my blogroll either. The list was there, untouched, for more than 6 months. Maybe even a year.

And when is the best time to do a spring cleaning but now? I have just escaped from the horrible wet, dark, and windy winter time in Aberdeen and arrived in sunny and cool Perth. It’s spring time – literally. And I am here in the new country, in the new house, at the new desk. Plus we are fast approaching the new year 2010, and it will be great to feel that my blog is fully taken care of again.

ist1_938000-filing-cabinet-001So here I am, cleaning up, tidying up, my blog. I am in the process of updating everything. WordPress and its plugins was easily updated yesterday. Blog’s category and tag systems were tidied up, and hopefully now every post is categorised accordingly. It took me all day to do this as I have hundreds of posts, but for someone as anal as me, it doesn’t really matter. I am also checking on blog directories which I am listed in, to make sure I am still there – some already have sent email, asking me to reconfirm my membership. And of course I am checking on my blogroll too.

I am not surprised to find out several bloggers have vanished without a trace. Some have moved to a new address, but even their new address doesn’t work. Some probably have updated their blog layout and forgotten to link me back, so I have been sending messages to ask them to put me back (if they want to). Some still link me to my old blog address. Some haven’t been listed on my list, even though I have been their reader for a quite some time. I quickly updated my blogroll early this week, and hopefully it’s as complete as it can be now. If you are not on my list and think that you should, please let me know. You could just leave a message here of send me an email to finallywoken.blog[at]gmail.com.

I have also been absent for quite some time from blogwalking. I normally did it once or twice a week, making sure I visited everybody on my list. But I haven’t done it for months now, and I feel really guilty. I have started visiting everybody again since early this week, and I promise I’ll be more discipline on leaving comments on each of your blog!

One thing that I haven’t done for a long time is to change my lay-out. I think it’s time. Plus Patung from Indonesia Matters couldn’t access my blog if he turns the javascript off. Not a good thing since s/he holds the key for listing (so-called) Indonesian top blogs!

Wish me luck!


  1. I think your blog looks awesome! Love the layout, the top picture especially very eye catching. Btw, I tried to put that button that link to your site but for some reason it didn't work. May I suggest a new button for easier link exchange? Am also a WP virgin here luckily the girl behind my site is an excellent tutor (besides being the designer lol) Keep up the good work, lady!

  2. Who's your tutor? I want her too! Can she design my blog? Please?

    I don't know if you know this already, my header is designed by a href=”http://therrysays.com>Therry, that poor lady had to go through so many revisions before I finally said yes. If I wasn't her friend she might have had ditched me *lol. But I really love it, it really represents me, that's why every time I want to change theme I always see if my header can fit into it.

  3. Pfffft. Scary post. Did we survive the spring cleaning??!!

    Immediately I've checked the blogroll. Pfffft.: Pelopor is still there.

  4. She actually have a package for blog design. Check our her link here: http://www.hopscotchbaby.com/2009/07/pimp-my-bl… Her name is Dhi.

    I didn't know that about your header but I absolutely love it. Maybe I should ask her for one? LOL.

  5. Colson, if I'm still in your blogroll, you definitely will still be in mine;)

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