Spring? What Spring? (2)

It’s mid April. It’s supposed to be spring. Summer should be around the corner. With a high spirit we headed down to Edinburgh. We planned to visit several places. The sun was glowing even with the dark cloud above us. But then God thought it would be funny to blow some cold.

Back in Aberdeen, where snow wasn’t present, I was dropped off to do some shopping. After two hours it was started to rain so I was ready to go home. I found out they changed the bus route, I didn’t know which bus I should take, no warning whatsoever. Number 11 was just off. I waited for another bus, but it’s Sunday and they turned up every 30 minutes and I already was soaking wet. I decided to walk home with two big bags, and after 5 minutes the rain turned into windy snow. The wet brown bag was torn apart and I had to carry a heavy box on my shoulder. Very un-lady-like. I only had two layers of clothes and wore my light jacket and all were wet. My hair was in crazy state after wind-rain-snow combo, but I couldn’t do anything since my hands were full. I was freezing to death. And desperately bursting to pee.

If this was a God’s joke, I didn’t laugh with her. I didn’t get it.

Picture taken at Marriott Dalmahoy area.

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  1. I’m loosing the discussion on the wonderful northern springtime, I’m afraid.

    So, I’m really very sorry you had to go through all this. I hope at least you didn’t catch a cold.

    Yet, the pictures still show the beauty of fickle Scottish weather.

  2. Andie Summerkiss says:

    Oh boy. I hope you do something fun whilst waiting for those snow to melt huh.

    You can play some organized indoor projects like scrabble or something like that. Or a cup of warm chooclate and a book – that is fun too.

    Anyway, I am sweating like a p– here under nasty equatorial sun.

  3. ho ho..
    same here!

    what spring?
    i was about to write a post for expat forum on Tromso spring. but too late, i guess..hehe

  4. Finally Woken says:

    @Colson: it was gorgeous, we were watching the snow started to drop at the golf course while we’re eating haggis. Driving is a different matter though, it was so slippery there was one accident only 10 minutes from the hotel.

    @Andie: nah, snow is fine, I just hate it when it’s wet. I still don’t know what shoes I have to wear!

    @M: you still can write about your snowy spring to expat forum. Please do, will be delighted to read it. How’s your frozen veggies?

  5. Veggies are fine..hehe. a friend told me how to adjust the temperature. after reading my blog 😀 .

    i will try to write the article for expat forum

  6. LadyBanana says:

    I am seriously fed up of this winter that wont go away – I am desperate for some warm sunny weather..

    Right now I am so envious of my son living in Dubai!

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