Spring? What Spring?

On Sunday we had to adjust our clock back to 6 hours behind Indonesia. Spring has come, apparently. Everybody’s mood has lifted when the week has started with a beautiful day. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, the sky was blue, the flowers have been starting to reappear, and the sale has begun.

Today when I looked outside the window, I saw what I have seen yesterday, so I bravely put on a short-sleeves top – the first time in 5 months, probably – and a jacket. I was so looking forward to put my normal (read: tank top, jeans, and jeweled sandals) clothes back on, rather than having to think about the whole colour arrangement against gloves, scarf, coat, and boots. But the digital thermometer showed 14.5 degree (Celsius). That wasn’t convincing, so I changed my jacket with a slightly thicker one. When I stepped outside, I was glad because it was indeed rather chilly, and I had to walk about 15 minutes to the city center. Only then precisely after 7 minutes I was sweating. The cloud had disappeared and the city was bathed in the glow of sunlight.

Two hours later after a nice lunch, we were welcome by gray sky and drizzle. My Dutch friend wasn’t happy, and we were deciding to wait until the rain stopped. Before we even went back to the comfy sofa, the rain abruptly stopped. Rather than walking, because the sky didn’t look promising, and we were shivering, we decided to walk back to the car and took it to the designated shop. Only when we were about to open the door the weather was back to its glorious state!

Getting out of the shop the sun was still glaring at us but by the time she dropped me off, which was only 3 minutes driving, the whole city was soaking wet again. My friend showed me that it was 10 degrees, it should have been colder than the morning, but all of us were sweating, perhaps it was more humid than this morning, perhaps because we were all fueled up from The Albyn.

I changed back to my thin trench coat and went outside again to run some errand. And even with this light jacket (and don’t forget my short-sleeves top), I was still sweating. The heating was off and the window was opened. Only two hours later the cold weather was creeping back and the window must be closed.

It’s so typical. Weather in UK is unpredictable, I had seen the day when the snow, the rain, and the sun takes its turn in a matter of minutes. So even after almost a year living here, I still cannot master the art of dressing appropriately in this 4-seasons-in-1-day city. I am either too cold, too warm, too thick, or not wearing enough layer. If I decided to leave my umbrella at home, it was raining. When it’s raining, it’s windy, so there’s no need to hide underneath the umbrella. And there’s a rumour going around that there is no need to buy summer clothes, because we wouldn’t have above 25 degrees temperature anyway….

One and a half month and I’d have the beautiful – and constantly!- hot, polluted, smelly, weather in Indonesia. One and a half month…

Picture of London weather is courtesy from here.

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  1. I don’t know how to offer you some comfort… For daily sunshine and temperatures well above 25 degrees, you have to go elsewhere indeed.

    But then, the beauty of this northern climate is the variety. The wonderful skies, clouds and light. Especially in Scotland and Scandinavia.

    To me it seems odd to leave in the month of May – the very month of devastating beauty. But do recognize the call of the tropics – one of my daughters in law could not resist it either and is going about the same time.

  2. When I was in San Francisco, I need to wear, at least two layers, just in case drastic weather change especially in Bay Area. It’s weird experience, but much better than Canada where I need to endure with endless winter.

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