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Maybe Sharon Stone thinks she could be another Susan Sarandon. Maybe she thinks she is intelligent enough to write her own script. Maybe she just doesn’t realize how powerful China and its market is.

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Sharon Stone is facing a ban on the showing of her films in China after suggesting the recent earthquake that killed up to 67,000 people may have been the result of “bad karma” over the country’s occupation of Tibet.

Stone, 50, who was speaking to reporters at the Cannes film festival, criticised the Chinese government’s actions in Tibet and directly linked them to the disaster:

“I’ve been concerned about how should we deal with the Olympics, because they are not being nice to the Dalai Lama, who is a good friend of mine,” she said.

“And then all this earthquake and all this stuff happened, and I thought, is that karma – when you’re not nice that the bad things happen to you?”

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The cheeky newspaper thinks that the ban, however, may be something of a blessing for Chinese movie-goers. The Year of Getting to Know Us, the first of Stone’s films to be affected by the ban, has been described by a user of the internet film site IMDb as “one of the five worst films I have seen in my lifetime”.

Stone reportedly made the comments while speaking to a Hong Kong TV channel on the sidelines of the Cannes film festival last week (watch it here). Her comments has sparked a fury amongst the online community, angered members of the Chinese film industry, and forced Christian Dior, which Stone appears in ads for the firm’s skincare range, make-ups, and watches, to drop her images from its Chinese advertisements and stores all over China. Stone on Wednesday apologized for her “karma” comments. She said she felt “deeply sorry for my inappropriate words and acts, which have hurt the Chinese people’s feelings.” But many in the country said they’ll never forgive her.

Earlier this month, Chinese consumers organized an Internet campaign that called for a boycott of products made by Louis Vuitton – which, like Dior, belongs to LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton SA Chairman Bernard Arnault – after protests by pro-Tibetan activists when the Olympic torch passed through Paris.

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  1. Ok, it was very insensitive for Sharon Stone to say that. But the guilty party here is the media for airing her foolishness and make it a headline. I do not think she said that to offend the earthquake victims.

  2. Nit, how have u been? Can I link yours lady?..
    Many thanks indeed Nit

  3. aroengbinang says:

    Sharon Stone was honest to voice her point of view out, and the reactions of Chinese government and communities are understandable.

    Many people still believe that disasters are punishments and try to connect it with anything that support the view. That anything is easy to find, as life has never been perfect.

  4. Sharon stone’s view is like some of Indonesian mentality; blaming the victim.

    when tsunami, earthquake and many other disaster strucked Indonesia, people said its because Indonesian government are so corrupted. loh then why the heck Tsunami didn’t happen in Jakarta? if China earthquake was Karma, why didn’t it happen in the capital where policies to kill or not to kill were made?

    totally cruel. the innocent children in China’s school buildings which broken down are dead, and most of them are the only child of their family. must they now bear such accusation?

    blaming the victim is a shameful mentality. insensitive and based on knowledgeless on the victim’s point of view.

    poor Sharon..if i were her and said that by ‘keceplosan’, i would have wait for a while, before i send a formal huge huge apology to the Chinese.

  5. Rob Baiton says:


    Provided the person is honest in their assessment does this make it right?

    Would it be fair for people to say that the suffering of various groups in Indonesia is just a case of bad karma? For example, May 1998 was just bad karma? Or the Tsunami is just a case of bad karma?

    Punishment goes to vengence, does it not? Is your God a vengeful one?


    I do not think she intended to offend the victims but she did intend to make a point to the Chinese government. In doing so she belittled the suffering of the victims to score a political point, which was wrong (at least in my book)…


    I am for a Free Tibet, have been for as long as I can remember. I have marched for it, protested for it, and demonstrated for it!

    Sharon Stone’s comments were insensitive and strike me as a person looking to drum up publicity for herself by getting on the band wagon. A photo with His Holiness the Dalai Lama might give you some street cred!

    She under-estimated both the speed and the severity of the response. her film backers will be a little pissed because whatever they might get from the increased publicity in the USA is not going to recoup what they will lose in China!

    So, perhaps the bad karma has come full circle and bitten her on the arse!

  6. Let’s wait for Disney to make another Chinese fable story into a cartoon one, like Mulan.

    Perhaps China will forgive by then.

    Because wasn’t that what happened when Richard Gere starred in Red Corner and that movie also angered the Chinese people?

  7. How coincidental.
    Tibet -> China earthquake
    Myanmar -> Burma cyclone

    But still, it’s still considered irrational to solely comprehend a tragic event according to somewhat ‘supernatural’ theories. Unless she’s an Indonesian, and preferrably a local religious leader or something. Lol.

    @ therry

    Not only Red Corner, but the latest Indiana Jones movie has also provoked criticism from the communist wing.

  8. @M
    are you sure? aren’t some outsiders who spurred that tsunami is the punishment for Indonesia after the bombings, riots etc?
    Those people are as thick head as Sharon Stones. But Sharon Stones is better cause she then apologize for for her dumbness.

  9. @Kita: yep. i was working with Tsunami response team since few weeks after the disaster and stayed there until mid of 2006. every now and then when i come back to Jakarta or passed Medan or even while i was in Aceh..Indonesian made such comments.

    Nonetheless, i would not be surprised if ousiders says the same.

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