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An ex-colleague is coming to pursue his master’s degree here, and was quite gutted when I told him to prepare some light layers, even though today is so-called summer. Summer here is not something like in tropical countries or in Australia, where we can walk around with shorts, tank tops, and open-toe sandals, and get some sunburn.

Well, mr. mck got some sunburn once when he played golf 3 weeks a go, but only the brave ones will be able to pull off such outfits which heavily depend on the weather. I usually push my boundaries by wearing a summer dress with jeweled sandals, but it is always layered with cardigan and a light coat. I am still wearing my Australian winter coat during night outs, outside my skimpy outfits, as it’s not warm enough for winter but perfect for spring/autumn. It’s hilarious, though, to see stores sellingsummer outfits but then to see people insisting on wearing shorts with tights underneath (girls, if you think it looks cool, ask the guys).

And of course, because it’s officially summer, fake tan products hit the stores and are put in strategic positions where we wouldn’t pass without noticing.

I, being an Asian, who had been brainwashed by the Asian beauty standards, namely fair skin and luminous/freckles-free face, wasn’t interested in the beginning. But everywhere I turn, they’re there, and soon I imagine the healthier, sun kissed, glowing, golden colour version of me. So one day, out of curiosity, I bought a tinted moisturiser, and started applying the lotion all over my body. I think I am in my third bottle now, but skin-colour change is not visible, and I become yellow rather than golden tan. And every time I put it on, I can’t spray my favorite perfume because it makes my skin colour uneven. I’m not brave enough to try the real tan products, but I found myself holding Fake Bake and St. Tropez bottles. Turns out there are many confusing steps to follow, so I put the bottles back in the shelves. Maybe later.

In the mean time, I have changed my template to this which I think is perfect for summer. It has been an agony for the past 2 days, trying to work it out, as – contrary to what people think – I am not an HTML/CSS savvy. The template is grabbed from Jackbook, who provides lots of wonderful templates. However Jack (I suspect he’s an Indonesian, looking at his last name) assumes everybody has more than just basic knowledge, so he doesn’t provide a step-by-step tutorial and lets us do the rest of the work. Luckily, I got a help from Tech 2 Check who opened the last 2 doors I had been knocking since 3 AM this morning. Once he showed me the way, everything falls into its place.

I am lucky that I am heading to a very hot country for real summer moments. Only three weeks to go.

Indonesia, I am coming!



  1. the writer says:

    Wah selamat pulang kampung :)

    Disini juga suka ajaib cuacanya, tapi kalo pas panas bisa panas banget (yah teteup gak bisa dibandingin sama Indonesia), bisa gosong juga :)

  2. Who? Who would wear shorts and tights at the same time? Wat the hell?

    That is definitely not okay! Somebody should call a fashion police!

    I used to experiment with fake tan product myself too, haha. But you’re right, it made my skin yellow! What a silly thing to do knowing that I could just sit in the sun for 10 minutes and get tanned easily – bless us Indos for having easily tanned skin instead of getting burnt easily, leaving us looking like well-cooked crabs.

    Nice template Anita, it got a surprise when I first looked at it, thought I came to the wrong address! Definitely changed the previously formal and neat look into a sunnier personality πŸ˜€

  3. the writer says:

    @therry: LOL

    Here, people wear shorts and tights at the same time, or leggings (they’re the same, aren’t they?) or even those net stockings. Don’t call the fashion police yet because sometimes those weird combination yields something wonderful, but of course there are some that are prone to disaster LOL

    For extreme fashion, perhaps you could come to Scandinavia where the girls on the street are crazy enough to wear whatever they lay their eyes upon the first time in the wardrobe and match them. I once see a girl with black leggings, green shorts, red short jacket, pink armbands and a pair of purple sunglasses. She’s walking on the street like she’s the queen of the world :)

    It doesn’t matter what you wear, what matters is how you pull it πŸ˜›

  4. Finally Woken says:

    @The Writer: Thanks, I just came back last January, so June is a bit too soon, but have got stuff to do plus will enjoy the hot temperature, so won’t complain.

    @Therry: well, girls always want to dress sexy and reveal their assets, right? But it’s too cold to walk with bare feet so the only way is to wear tights underneath – however rather than wearing nude colour, they wear black underneath the short jeans (not skirt, shorts). I have asked several guys and none of them think it’s good. Someone should tell the girls that it’s a turn off!

  5. I’ve seen girls wearing denim minis or leather skirts paired with black tights, and that looked okay, acceptable, you know, like “aye, makes sense, might copy them looks” but shorts is just bordering on insane.

    It’s like trying to eat spaghetti with chopsticks or wearing sandals and socks at the same time – sounds alright but when practiced, it just doesn’t go.

    It’s amazing how far girls would go for to get attention lol

  6. Thanks anita!!

  7. Fida Abbott says:

    Hello Mbak,…apa kabar??

    Ada TAG khusus utk Mabk Anita.

    (Sekali kirim comment,langsung nge-tag ya, ha,ha…)

    Have great day!!!

  8. Sounds like you’ll have a fun time!

  9. Nit, have I ever told you that I already got a visa for pursuing a postgrad at Strathclyde only to cancel it and went to USA instead? :) That’s what I called “sliding door” destiny.

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