Another Reason To Drink and Be Merry

Cazbar is celebrating its anniversary, and I am proud to announce to the world, that the bar, which name was formed during a weekend away at one of the shareholders' house through some quiz (the one who came up with the name that would be used for … [Read more...]

Bart and ‘Sweet Home Obama’ Go International

Bartele Santema is in his element. I can imagine him sitting down in a dressing room, powdered-face, maybe a little bit of lip gloss and mascara to enhance his features, a stack of stroopwafels on the table, a glass of beer in one hand, practicing … [Read more...]

Before Hiatus

I've got to say that it has been a busy week for me. I had a promising lunch meeting to discuss the future of Indonesian Expatriates Forum last Friday at Cazbar. Tamara and Greg turned up after 5 and we had few drinks before decided to try our luck … [Read more...]

One More Beer, Please

Apparently the sentence above is really important and must be translated into 50 languages. Forget how to say please and thank you, don't bother to learn to ask for a direction in a local lingo, as long as you can ask for one more beer in a strange … [Read more...]

Binge Drinking… In Indonesia?

Binge drinking is a big problem in the UK. BBC reported that Britain's binge drinking culture is costing the country £20 billion a year, according to a government report. The study by the Prime Minister's Strategy Unit shows 17 million working days … [Read more...]

2008 Bugil’s Calendar

I received Eastern Promise newsletter update this morning. Something caught my eyes and I stopped scrolling when I nearly reached the bottom page. I blinked. Again. And again. Probably I was dreaming. But no. The half-naked lady picture was still … [Read more...]