Don’t Judge My Hair

Ever had a feeling you're suffering from a bad hair day? I have certainly had, more than once. The biggest embarrassement would have been when I thought I had a gorgeous perm but was totally mocked by the president director and the department head of … [Read more...]

When I Grow Up I Wanna Be… A Playboy Bunny!

I remember when I was in primary school I wanted to be an astronomer (looking for objects up in the sky), archaeologist (looking for objects down beneath the earth), or architect (building things up or down), when I grow up. The first two were … [Read more...]

I'm Bringing My Sexy Heels Back

The first time I landed in Scotland I realised that I had no closed-toes shoes at all, except several pair of boots. All my shoes had at least 5 cm heels or higher, and all were open toes models, a.k.a sandals, because I come from a tropical country … [Read more...]

New Scents for Men

Forget limey, orangey, and other fruity scents. Forget tobacco. Forget musk. Men must go back to their nature, and in the modern world, Homer Simpson and Joe the plumber are the hero. Burger King, an American fast food chain, has made a huge jump by … [Read more...]

Foot Notes

Head note (what do you call a note before footnote?): this post is about, what else, feet. And shoes. Again. Prepare to be bored to death. Last weekend was a busy one. Woke up really early - 4.30 AM to be exact - last Friday to get ready, mostly … [Read more...]

Thinking About Buying Burberry?

I have been thinking hard to write something that is mentally, morally, or spiritually challenged, but world peace articles wouldn't attract visitors as much as boobs threads (and those who know me know that I'm an attention and traffic seeker), and … [Read more...]

Yearbook : See How You Look Like in The Past

See the picture on the left? That's how I looked like in 1964. I stumbled upon this website and immediately uploaded my picture to see how I look like in the past. The website provides classic hairdos, vintage outfits, even old songs from the 50's … [Read more...]

Stick To Your Script

Maybe Sharon Stone thinks she could be another Susan Sarandon. Maybe she thinks she is intelligent enough to write her own script. Maybe she just doesn't realize how powerful China and its market is.clipped from Stone is … [Read more...]

A Bad Hair Day (2)

OK, I must accept the fact that everyone thinks my new hairstyle is ugly (read about my embarrassing experience here).   It was a brutal truth, delivered none other than the hair god company, L'Oreal, which office fit-out project I am … [Read more...]

A Bad Hair Day (1)

Melly just has had a wonderful curly hair and talked me into it. Last weekend, for the first time in my life, I permed my hair. I went to my hairstylist, and 15 minutes later, my hair is curly. I thought it is cute. I thought I look cute. … [Read more...]