The Sex Bloggers And Being Anonymous

Sometimes I am so gullible and oblivious. I thought every blogger is just like me, who writes about IT, or making money online, or writes about their daft, boring daily activities, or about cooking, or kids, or fashion. Or politics. I didn't realise … [Read more...]

Before Hiatus

I've got to say that it has been a busy week for me. I had a promising lunch meeting to discuss the future of Indonesian Expatriates Forum last Friday at Cazbar. Tamara and Greg turned up after 5 and we had few drinks before decided to try our luck … [Read more...]

Me and Them; A(n Almost) Lesbian Love Story

Note: I realize that some of my readers, especially my aunt-in-law Alison and her colleague(s), as well as several other friends who read my blog every time I post something new, would be surprised to read the title and wonder what this is all about. … [Read more...]

Keeping It Private

Is this a growing trend among Indonesian bloggers? I have found out that at least three of my blogbuddies have decided to restrict their blogs, which means only invited users can read them. They're quite popular and one of them has been listed … [Read more...]

Your Comments Worth A Million (And You Don’t Know It!)

This is a wake up call to all bloggers. Somebody - or many people - out there, is/are listening, or to be precise, reading, whatever you say everywhere in the virtual world. It doesn't matter whether it's trashy, unintelligent, boring, or lame. It … [Read more...]

On Anonymous Bloggers (2)

There was a big hoo-ha a while a go when Fatih raised an old issue about anonymous blogging. He particularly dislikes those who blog anonymously on sensitive issues, like politics or religions, and suspect that they have hidden agendas. Fatih's post … [Read more...]

On Anonymous Bloggers

Since last week I have been following closely the intense debate among expats in Indonesia about anonymous blogger, an issue raised by Fatih when he awarded Rob Baiton as the blogger of the week and praised Rob as one of the few Western bloggers who … [Read more...]

2007 Roundup: It’s A Wrap

2007will leave us shortly. And there are several things I would like to say to all readers who have visited my blog, read my postings, left comments and been involved in the discussions. Since 18 October 2007, after moving from my original Finally … [Read more...]


Ihave found out lately that this person - let's say the name is Copycat - whom I know through a friend, has been following my virtual steps. Although to be honest, I think that this person has been doing this waaay before I have entered … [Read more...]


I have just read Ecky's blog and she'd assigned me to mention 7 different things about me. I thought: piece a cake, while actually, I must spend like more than 30 minutes to really realize that, surprisingly, this is me! Why seven and not 4 or 9, I … [Read more...]