Hot Shop In The City

Two months a go, when I was enjoying my (another) holiday, I bumped into Bart in Cazbar at lunch time. The last time I saw him was probably in our wedding, as he had relocated to Bali and we moved to Scotland, so it was a nice surprise to see him … [Read more...]

The Sex Bloggers And Being Anonymous

Sometimes I am so gullible and oblivious. I thought every blogger is just like me, who writes about IT, or making money online, or writes about their daft, boring daily activities, or about cooking, or kids, or fashion. Or politics. I didn't realise … [Read more...]

100 Things To Do Before You Die (?)

You might have heard the phenomenally successful travel book, 100 Things To Do Before You Die. The book was an instant bestseller and inspired a publishing industry all of its own with others of "100 Things" spin-offs and and even the movie The … [Read more...]

Overdue ‘We’jaculation

Yap yap, the term is taken from, where else!, The Between Boyfriends Book. I find the book constantly amuses me with its witty, cheeky, sensational terms. Originally it is called Premature 'We'jaculation: "A common dating dysfunction occurring when … [Read more...]

Upgraded Girls

Ever read books called "4 Blondes" or "Trading Up" by Candace Bushnell? It's hilarious. It's also scary, especially to me, to realize that there are so many women out there, who are willing to give up anything, anything!, just to climb a social … [Read more...]