Belated Apology from The Ass-Pincher

About four years a go, mr.mck and Huib celebrated their joined birthday by throwing a BBQ party at Bugil's bar. I think it was either Saturday or Sunday afternoon, and there were about 50 people turned up to stuff their faces with sausages, burgers … [Read more...]

Caucasian vs. Indonesian Men (modified)

Note: The original article was posted on Thursday, 20 March 2008. In regards to those who has requested me to remove the family reference, this article is rephrased, although I try not to go too far from where I stand and believe. After the … [Read more...]

Caucasian vs. Indonesian Men (2)

My previous post sparked lots of heavy comments. First came Oigal, who said I was nasty and too personal. He asked me to remove my reference regarding his family from my blog. … [Read more...]

Bule (Caucasian) Guy Dating Indonesian Girl

I came across this article the other day, and saw that the post got 239 comments. The author and the main contributor of the blog, remains anonymous so I wouldn't know whether it's a guy or a lady. A lady named Parvita left a lengthy comment and I … [Read more...]

Open Up and Say…..Aah!!

No, it's not an album from Poison, but it's literally the "O" moment (in Indonesian, when somebody gets confused then finally understands, s/he would say "Oooo"), or "Aah" moment. Up to date, I never understand why some men choose to be with girls … [Read more...]

Toilet Conversations

Other than in our own bedrooms, the place that we could reveal the truth and reality is in the toilet. Only by how people take lines and turns, I can see whether they're polite or rude (I was once having an argument with a very high-class lookalike … [Read more...]

Upgraded Girls

Ever read books called "4 Blondes" or "Trading Up" by Candace Bushnell? It's hilarious. It's also scary, especially to me, to realize that there are so many women out there, who are willing to give up anything, anything!, just to climb a social … [Read more...]