Snakes in Da House

I have mentioned about our encounter with Australia's creepy crawlies on my previous post (read it here). Now I just want to talk about one specific creature: Snakes. There are real Australian people who have never seen snakes in their entire … [Read more...]

Summer in Perth Means It’s Time For Creepy Crawlies – and More!

It's a quiet Sunday night. We were watching telly when suddenly he jumped out of his chair, shouting, "snake!!". The accused creature was about 20 cm long, very thin, very black, and moving very fast around our front room. Because of its size he … [Read more...]

First Winter in Perth

When we arrived in Perth last November it was officially still spring, but since we came from Scotland we thought the weather was going to be a very mild, and the temperature was probably warmer than Aberdeen in summer, so I only packed one - yes, … [Read more...]

Lost In Translation

I think I'm pretty good at English. I read newspapers, I devour novels, and I watch TV and movie, I speak and write quite well and make only small mistakes or have little trouble spelling difficult words. English is - I think - a language that I  to … [Read more...]

When The Reality Sinks In

We have been living in Perth for almost 6 months now. Aberdeen feels like a dream, far away from here, and I realise I say "back in UK..." less often than before. I actually think I've been settling in here better than in Aberdeen. Perth is so … [Read more...]

7 Things I Notice About Perthians

Moving to another English speaking country, which basically is an almost exact copy of United Kingdom, shouldn't be too shocking for mr.mck and I. Especially since I have lived in Australia before, and mr.mck has had visited the country for many … [Read more...]

Perth: Sunny Side Up!

Having read Ecky's post, I too have to reveal something that both mr.mck and I have found since the day we set our foot here in Perth. Everywhere we go, everybody who serves us, from the baker, the florist, the staffs at the shops and supermarkets, … [Read more...]

And Life Has Just Begun

I've been living in Perth for almost 2 months now, but it's already felt like forever. Slowly but sure mr.mck and I begin to adjust with the new life in our new adopted city. We have finally moved to our home last month and although our stuff from … [Read more...]

Hard To Say Goodbye

..... To our mobile provider. I have been Mrs. Maciphone since last year, and having so much fun using it. The first time I had it I didn't really like it because it failed on basic mobile phone function, namely texting. It didn't have a function … [Read more...]

Hello From Down Under (3) – G’day!

Last Friday was the day of that marked our 2-week settlement in Perth.  But we are still in the adjustment phase, where we compare everything here with what we used to have back home. From what I've learned in my settlement course 2 years a go when I … [Read more...]