Hello From Down Under (2) – The First Shocking Moments

Shocked after landed in Perth under its glorious sunshine at 5 o'clock in the afternoon, I quickly reminded myself that we are no longer in Aberdeen, where it gets dark before 4 PM, where  it is cold, windy, and wet all day. We were discussing the … [Read more...]

Hello From Down Under – The Journey

The confirmation finally came when I was still enjoying my holiday in Indonesia. Yes, we're moving to Perth, Australia (not Perth, near Glasgow!). The date was finally agreed. Yes, it's 26 November. Lots of emails went back and forth about how we … [Read more...]

Something Scottish For Today

You might not realise that Donald Trump is half Scottish. But it is the only reason why he insists on building the golf resort in Scotland, surrounding his mansion (which is called 'The Donald' by his ex wife Ivanka) in Balmedie, north of Aberdeen. … [Read more...]

(Old) Men’s Preference?

The weather has been glorious since I landed back here two weeks a go. This afternoon, for the first time, I only carried my trench coat - in case the temperature dropped, but it didn't - and had my see through top and jeans. It felt like I was in … [Read more...]

I Don’t Understand…

... that football is such a big deal in UK, even the prime minister must get involved in it. … [Read more...]

I’m Not An Indonesian, Not Yet A Scottish Lady

I think the combination of being in a holiday mood, having too many things to do/people to meet/parties to attend, and having crap internet connection at home, makes me abandoning my blog. It has been over a week and I haven't been bothered to update … [Read more...]

Summer Theme

An ex-colleague is coming to pursue his master's degree here, and was quite gutted when I told him to prepare some light layers, even though today is so-called summer. Summer here is not something like in tropical countries or in Australia, where we … [Read more...]

I Love Indonesia, but…

Update: The below article is highlighted in Bugils Newsletter, and in attempt to make it more worth to read - since I wrote it in 10 minutes during Manchester United vs. Chelsea game (in between red wine & chips) - and to look smarter (ha, who … [Read more...]

Domestic God(dess)

Cooking is something - I can say this with confidence - that many Indonesians don't master. Generally we are spoiled rotten by our family who can afford maids (or sometimes maid and cook), and by the widely available good and cheap food on every … [Read more...]

Teenage Sex and Fame

Last month on our journey back from London, a 7-years-old girl was sitting next to me restlessly, and in between her non-stop chatting to her mum who looked desperately could use some extra hours of sleeping and her tiny fingers which were busy … [Read more...]