High Infidelity

I am sitting comfortably in the living room on this peaceful day, looking out the snow slowly melting, vanishing from the roofs, trees, and roads. I have had just finished a quick online chatting with a dear friend in Indonesia, which leads me to a … [Read more...]

Bule (Caucasian) Guy Dating Indonesian Girl

I came across this article the other day, and saw that the post got 239 comments. The author and the main contributor of the blog, remains anonymous so I wouldn't know whether it's a guy or a lady. A lady named Parvita left a lengthy comment and I … [Read more...]

Every Litte Thing He Does Is Magic

Sunday. Is. The. Holy. Day. For. Mr.Mck. Because football is on. So for the entire day he will sit on the sofa watching the game, sometimes flicking the channel to see F-1 and rugby matches, sometimes golf competition, but football is the main menu. … [Read more...]

Stop the Race

Sometimes it feels unbearable being a woman.  We have to keep grooming ourselves from head to toe with never-ending and live-adding tasks (30 years ago no one did brazilian wax but now it's a regular appointment everywhere in the world, on top of … [Read more...]


Jalan toll dalam kota macet total jam sembilan malam, semua mobil merambat pelan. Aku menoleh ke kiri, menatap deretan gedung yang berjejer manis dan melihat sebuah signage besar, berlatar belakang putih dengan tulisan biru. Sepuluh detik aku … [Read more...]

Sleeping with A Superstar

I met Melly last Tuesday, the first time in weeks, after I'd been away for business trips to Hong Kong, Singapore and Bangkok, and Melly' had been away to her hometown and her fiance's. No one else turned up since everybody's been busy (Ecky's busy … [Read more...]

Open Up and Say…..Aah!!

No, it's not an album from Poison, but it's literally the "O" moment (in Indonesian, when somebody gets confused then finally understands, s/he would say "Oooo"), or "Aah" moment. Up to date, I never understand why some men choose to be with girls … [Read more...]

Sloppy Second

A couple of weeks before end year, this girl told us that she'd have a new date: a guy who's a friend of her friend, British, 37, banker, and lives in Singapore. The friend showed him her picture and he's interested, asked to meet for a (blind) date … [Read more...]

Life is not that Bad

A friend came to me with a sad news: she just broke up with her boyfriend (again). In almost 5 years knowing her, this was the second time her love affair ended abruptly. Everything was smooth sailing for months.... and then... bam! He broke up with … [Read more...]

To Wed or Not To Wed…. (deleted)

Only a day after I wrote this, I've got a "constructive perspective" from two important people in my life. They suggested that what I wrote here was too personal and it might hurt somebody, although that wasn't my intention at all! So I decided to … [Read more...]