Six Degrees of Separation

Six degrees of Separation: the theory that anyone on earth can be connected to any other person on the planet through a chain of acquaintances with no more than five intermediaries. If you click on search engines like Google or Yahoo!, you would … [Read more...]

Overdue ‘We’jaculation

Yap yap, the term is taken from, where else!, The Between Boyfriends Book. I find the book constantly amuses me with its witty, cheeky, sensational terms. Originally it is called Premature 'We'jaculation: "A common dating dysfunction occurring when … [Read more...]

Upgraded Girls

Ever read books called "4 Blondes" or "Trading Up" by Candace Bushnell? It's hilarious. It's also scary, especially to me, to realize that there are so many women out there, who are willing to give up anything, anything!, just to climb a social … [Read more...]

Softly Unspoken #2

If she is your best friend, and you've found out you fancy her more than just a friend, what would you do? My friend chooses to do nothing. He would be busy choosing her birthday present 2 months before it, he would be sending her nice, sweet gifts … [Read more...]

Softly Unspoken

Searching for a key to set an iron heart free Looking for an answer To wash away the hushed tears at night It’s time to understand The feeling beneath shadowing lashes Tired yet still trying Sing the same smile over and over again Won't let the … [Read more...]

It Ain’t Over Til It’s Over (2)

A friend sent me a message after reading my "It Ain't Over Til It's Over (1)" story. In short he said that a) hey, basically men have heart too (hence, break up is not an easy thing to get over with) and b) girls sometimes can be really cold bitches … [Read more...]

It Ain’t Over Til It’s Over (1)

Ever read Between Boyfriends? Cindy Chupack wrote wonderfully about the situation of being single - again! - after having a (so-called) relationship and/or a boyfriend. It's funny, witty, hilarious book that will make you either a) keep on hoping to … [Read more...]

Excess Baggages

When we reach certain age, we are not only be blessed with wrinkles and wisdom (in that order!), but also with tracks and history. Some can be seen and touched (kids, ex boyfriends, pressies from them, tongue-pierced), some are intangible stuffs, … [Read more...]

Dear Liar

Dear Liar, Why do you think you can getaway easily? Why do you think others won't remember what you have said and done? Why do you think others won't pick up pieces and have them glued back together into a complete picture? I have no idea. … [Read more...]

How To Find A Boyfriend

I've been in my hometown for about a week, but it doesn't stop me for being a Boyfriend Crisis Centre (BCC) host. I still get texts at 2.00 in the morning from friends asking questions such as "Do you think his email indicates he likes me?" or "What … [Read more...]