Spouses’ Privacy Setting

At that particular beautiful morning, I was sipping coffee and going through the newsfeed on my facebook. Luckily I didn't spill my coffee after reading a friend's and her husband's statuses. They just celebrated their anniversary, and felt it was … [Read more...]

Vaguebooking: A Cry for Attention

One of my morning rituals, among many, is checking out my friends' Facebook status. For someone like me who has friends all over the world, Facebook gives a simple outlet to keep in touch with everybody without spending too much money for texting and … [Read more...]

On Old Friends in Facebook

Budi Putra posted a very interesting fact about Facebook: as of March 2010, Indonesia is at the top rank of Facebook users in Asia. With 18.9 million users, Indonesia is well ahead of the number two, Philippines  (10.5 million), and number three, … [Read more...]

New MI6 Chief was Exposed in Facebook

The wife of the new head of MI6, Britain's secret intelligent agency, has caused a major security breach and left his family exposed after publishing photographs and personal details on Facebook (foreign office staff are warned about using social … [Read more...]

UK Teenager Saved By Facebook

I know I have been publishing stories about facebook a lot lately, but here is another one! … [Read more...]

Facebook Has Taken My Friends Away…

...Literally. I am deleted from someone's friends list because apparently his wife was jealous at me. I also found another friend has deleted his own cheeky comments and his tag in several pictures because his wife has just joined facebook and might … [Read more...]

Facebook Can Ruin Your Life

Isn't it funny that we live behind closed doors but our private lives are wide open to the entire world? We cautiously block the window with thick curtains so people wouldn't see what we are doing. We lock the door so no one could enter without … [Read more...]