August Monthly Roundup

I can't believe it's September already. The year 2012 has certainly been passing so quickly for me, and there is still so much to do, so many places to visit, and so many people to catch up with. … [Read more...]

Looking Into The Future (Part Two)

Read part one here. I found a website, conveniently called Coffee Cup Readings Online, that explains how the coffee reading process takes in detail: 1. Simply drink your coffee in white china with no inside pattern or decoration. It can be any … [Read more...]

Looking Into The Future (Part One)

Fortune-telling, the practice of predicting information about a person's life, isn't something I'm generally interested in. I grew up in the environment that has shaped me to usually rely on facts, tangible things, and physical existence. Which is … [Read more...]

Vaguebooking: A Cry for Attention

One of my morning rituals, among many, is checking out my friends' Facebook status. For someone like me who has friends all over the world, Facebook gives a simple outlet to keep in touch with everybody without spending too much money for texting and … [Read more...]

Where We Belong

When the idea of having a junior high school reunion was thrown into the discussion, I asked the self-appointed committee to set the date at least 3 months ahead so I (and others who now live out of town or country) would have time to plan the … [Read more...]

On Old Friends in Facebook

Budi Putra posted a very interesting fact about Facebook: as of March 2010, Indonesia is at the top rank of Facebook users in Asia. With 18.9 million users, Indonesia is well ahead of the number two, Philippines  (10.5 million), and number three, … [Read more...]

Beyond The Blog

Two weeks had past so quickly I woke up today in Perth already. It felt like it was only yesterday I was stuck in traffic jam in Jakarta, desperately wanting to pee, in a taxi that smells like feet, helplessly looking at my watch, worrying I would be … [Read more...]

Long-Distance Friendships

"Look at us," said Ecky on one of her texts to me, "We're miles away apart but here we are, talking about crushed chili!". I laughed when reading her text but realised how bizarrely true it was, that despite being separated by oceans and 10-hour … [Read more...]

Facebook Has Taken My Friends Away…

...Literally. I am deleted from someone's friends list because apparently his wife was jealous at me. I also found another friend has deleted his own cheeky comments and his tag in several pictures because his wife has just joined facebook and might … [Read more...]

What Bloggers Do When They Meet Up

For the past two weeks in our holiday I have got to running around from one place to another on daily basis. After going back from Siem Reap, we've had lunches and dinners appointments every single day I start making schedule so I wouldn't forget … [Read more...]