Don’t Judge My Hair

Ever had a feeling you're suffering from a bad hair day? I have certainly had, more than once. The biggest embarrassement would have been when I thought I had a gorgeous perm but was totally mocked by the president director and the department head of … [Read more...]

Yearbook : See How You Look Like in The Past

See the picture on the left? That's how I looked like in 1964. I stumbled upon this website and immediately uploaded my picture to see how I look like in the past. The website provides classic hairdos, vintage outfits, even old songs from the 50's … [Read more...]

A Bad Hair Day (2)

OK, I must accept the fact that everyone thinks my new hairstyle is ugly (read about my embarrassing experience here).   It was a brutal truth, delivered none other than the hair god company, L'Oreal, which office fit-out project I am … [Read more...]

A Bad Hair Day (1)

Melly just has had a wonderful curly hair and talked me into it. Last weekend, for the first time in my life, I permed my hair. I went to my hairstylist, and 15 minutes later, my hair is curly. I thought it is cute. I thought I look cute. … [Read more...]