Indonesia In The News

It's pretty rare to see the country of Indonesia mentioned in the news and is not associated with jihad, terrorist, political turmoil, or tsunami, so I'm rather surprised to see it in several international newspapers and even (hold your breath), E! … [Read more...]

Bomb Blasts in Jakarta, Indonesia, From UK Media Perspective

Yesterday was a quite important day for me. As part of my permanent residency process in the UK, I have to take (and pass) the test called "Life in The UK". To be able to pass this test I need to answer 75% questions correctly, or 18 out 24. I have … [Read more...]

On Pornography Laws

The new fireplace was just installed and I've been playing with the fire since. The flame is bright orange inside the stainless steel frame, makes the room warm and cozy. It's wild outside, the trees are dancing and the leaves are struggling to glue … [Read more...]

On Fitna, Bloggers vs. Hackers, and Computer Illiterate MPs

Fitna is a short film by Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders, which explores Qur'anic motivation for terrorism and Islam in the Netherlands (explanatory stolen from Wikipedia). On April 7, Indonesia has blocked access to YouTube and a couple of other … [Read more...]