Indonesian Women and Small Town Mentality

I've noticed that many Indonesian women, wherever they reside, still carry 'small town mentality'. I've noticed that:   Small town mentality is: family value. It means that we are all a big happy family, that your friend is my friend. It's … [Read more...]

Surprises & Secrets

I had planned my trip to Indonesia oh-so "quietly" I only told some people that I was coming. The mission: to surprise my mom who thought that she is not going to see me until next year or after I move to Perth, and to surprise R & E who are dear … [Read more...]

What Makes You An Indonesian?

Somebody posted intriguing threads on twitter on the other day. I wasn't sure what subject that triggered her posting, but she was ranting about Indonesians living overseas who pretend to know more about Indonesia [compares to those who are inside … [Read more...]

A Weird Indonesian

You must have known how many times I complain about Indonesia or Indonesian. And I thought I couldn't find any other thing worth to talk about as I feel I've covered all. Until a couple of weeks a go. This particular Indonesian lady, who was … [Read more...]

Orang Jakarta…

Jakarta, just like any other capital cities in the world, seems to offer prosperity, success, and fame. Its skyscrapers with glittering lights and gigantic billboards parading beautiful people are the symbol of dreams and hopes for many people. The … [Read more...]

The End of Indonesian Language (?)

I am delighted that lately I have been collecting college friends in Facebook. Everyday each one pops up and says hi. While some of them I recognize immediately as they were in my assignment or student body groups, I need more time on others as we … [Read more...]

What A Difference A Nationality Made? (4)

I should have declared The Netherlands embassy my sworn enemy as I have never had any luck with them whatsoever. Last year I applied for a Schengen visa because mr.mck was going for a training and I decided to join him, and it took the consular here … [Read more...]

On Cards

A friend and I were talking about how much we spent just for the Christmas cards and the postal charges. She finally had to make some smart move by sending one card for everybody in the office back in Holland, because there are too many people on her … [Read more...]


Less than two weeks and I'm off to London for girl's weekend trip. This would be an interesting meet-up because I only know Nikki who's originally from here but now resides in Assen, and will be meeting others from Assen and one from Oman! So we … [Read more...]

We are Fasting. So?

Every year in Indonesia, we see something unique during the Islamic holy month, Ramadan, for about 30 days. It is the month of fasting, in which participating Muslims do not eat or drink anything from dawn until sunset, and must avoid obscene and … [Read more...]