My Guide To Life

Big title, hey? Therry actually tagged me a month a go to spread my wisdom (*cough) to my dearest readers. I am pretty sure I am not the one people should run to when they hit a wall as I am no Deepak Chopra, but as Therry said, "There must be … [Read more...]

7 Links Challenge

Problogger's 7 Link Challenge is an interesting idea, which main goal is to create a list post that highlights some of the posts in our archives to new readers that links out to another blog. So although it's a wee bit too late, I'd still like to … [Read more...]

Me? Awesome?

I'm embarrassed! Lorraine tagged me in May 20th and I was supposed to do my homework and pass it along, but with the moving house and big holiday coming in, I kept postponing it and suddenly it is already mid July! … [Read more...]

The Anal Retentive in Me

From Wikipedia: Anal-retentive (or anally retentive, anal retentive), commonly abbreviated to "anal", is used conversationally to describe a person with such attention to detail that the obsession becomes an annoyance to others, and can be carried … [Read more...]

5 Things I Hate About Me

I just got back from my London trip and have not had a chance to blogwalking until today, and I found out that I am tagged by Rima to reveal the 10 Things I hate about myself. So far I've got 5 London-related things and I'd post them now, and the … [Read more...]

Yesteryear Revisit (Age That I Wish To Get Back To)

I once tagged about this by Fida, asking what age I wish to get back to, and I have briefly mentioned about it in this post because at that moment people from the past suddenly reappeared in my life at the same time, a long overdue project was back … [Read more...]


I have just read Ecky's blog and she'd assigned me to mention 7 different things about me. I thought: piece a cake, while actually, I must spend like more than 30 minutes to really realize that, surprisingly, this is me! Why seven and not 4 or 9, I … [Read more...]