Surprises & Secrets

I had planned my trip to Indonesia oh-so "quietly" I only told some people that I was coming. The mission: to surprise my mom who thought that she is not going to see me until next year or after I move to Perth, and to surprise R & E who are dear … [Read more...]

New Scents for Men

Forget limey, orangey, and other fruity scents. Forget tobacco. Forget musk. Men must go back to their nature, and in the modern world, Homer Simpson and Joe the plumber are the hero. Burger King, an American fast food chain, has made a huge jump by … [Read more...]

Thinking About Dating A British Man?

JUST as some women date only prison inmates, so there are those who yearn above all for Englishmen, with their exotic customs and their reputation for making even banal remarks sound like brilliant repartee. For example my friend AA* who has dated … [Read more...]

Let’s Talk About Breasts

It started with late night discussions with Treespotter, although I don't remember how we came up with the idea because usually we talk about politics, poverty, or world peace. All I remember is we have to post one entry together at the same time, … [Read more...]

Sexy Sarah Palin?

I just got my new pair of eyeglasses. The old one has been with me for about 5 years: the lenses' protective coating has been peeled off, the Gucci logo on the right side is missing, but so far I didn't feel that I had to change my glasses since I'm … [Read more...]

(Old) Men’s Preference?

The weather has been glorious since I landed back here two weeks a go. This afternoon, for the first time, I only carried my trench coat - in case the temperature dropped, but it didn't - and had my see through top and jeans. It felt like I was in … [Read more...]

Are You A Retrosexual?

You, of course, have heard about metrosexual men. Since the Nineties, men have embraced their feminine side and spent an equal amount of time in the bathroom as their other-halves, putting some face cream or hair gel on, as well as scrutinizing … [Read more...]

Men Are From Mars

Postscript 24/8/08: This thread has caused a stir a little bit. Even though I didn't name names, those who circulate in the same crowd as me could easily guess who I was talking about. In order to maintain a peace in the real world, I decide to take … [Read more...]

Belated Apology from The Ass-Pincher

About four years a go, mr.mck and Huib celebrated their joined birthday by throwing a BBQ party at Bugil's bar. I think it was either Saturday or Sunday afternoon, and there were about 50 people turned up to stuff their faces with sausages, burgers … [Read more...]

The World's First Pregnant Man

The world's first pregnant man, is preparing himself for the birth of his first baby, which is due in four weeks. Thomas Beatie was born female, named Tracy Lagondino, but had gender reassignment surgery and is now legally male and married to a … [Read more...]