The Mighty Boosh

Billy came and stayed with us on Friday night a few weeks a go. He brought two rucksacks, one contained his laptop, and the other contained his stuffs for the night. Inside his laptop, he had a DVD of The Mighty Boosh. On Saturday morning he made us … [Read more...]

Celebrating Valentine’s Day… At The Football Stadium

When the chairman of the West Sumatra branch of the Indonesian Clerics’ Council (Majelis Ulama Indonesia, MUI), Buya Mas’oed Abidin, urged people to stop the Valentine's Day celebration and accused it as a part of capitalist-Jewish conspiracy (see … [Read more...]

Bizarre World

We live in a bizarre world. Forget threesome, forget BDSM, forget orgy, sex toys, or even sex with ladyboy. Nothing compares to these two horny guys when it comes to sex. Even pavement and bicycle can be objects of desire. clipped from … [Read more...]

High Infidelity

I am sitting comfortably in the living room on this peaceful day, looking out the snow slowly melting, vanishing from the roofs, trees, and roads. I have had just finished a quick online chatting with a dear friend in Indonesia, which leads me to a … [Read more...]

The Singing President

Simon P., a.k.a Metromad, who usually appears in your Sunday's Jakarta Post, is a proof of life that you should never make a big decision when you're still under Bintang Beer influence. Under a mysterious spell, he went to the music shop, saw the … [Read more...]

2008 Bugil’s Calendar

I received Eastern Promise newsletter update this morning. Something caught my eyes and I stopped scrolling when I nearly reached the bottom page. I blinked. Again. And again. Probably I was dreaming. But no. The half-naked lady picture was still … [Read more...]

You’ve Done Us Proud!

I can't believe that I'm actually writing about football here. Not what I think about football like my previous posts (see Every Little Thing He Does Is Magic). Not tips for guys how to make peace with their partner when they want to watch football. … [Read more...]

Every Little Thing He Does is Magic: Comments from A Football Junkie!

I've just checked my blog just now and found out someone, who puts a screen name as Jakarta Casual, has left a comment about my post "Every Little Thing He Does is Magic" in early October. The writing was talking about football, about how I never … [Read more...]

Every Litte Thing He Does Is Magic

Sunday. Is. The. Holy. Day. For. Mr.Mck. Because football is on. So for the entire day he will sit on the sofa watching the game, sometimes flicking the channel to see F-1 and rugby matches, sometimes golf competition, but football is the main menu. … [Read more...]

Open Up and Say…..Aah!!

No, it's not an album from Poison, but it's literally the "O" moment (in Indonesian, when somebody gets confused then finally understands, s/he would say "Oooo"), or "Aah" moment. Up to date, I never understand why some men choose to be with girls … [Read more...]