Australian Skilled Visa Crackdown

Ten years a go, when I was considering whether I should stay permanently in Australia and make a life here or to go back to Indonesia, I was shocked to find that my Australian master's degree was valued less than a hairdressing certificate. Don't get … [Read more...]

New Home… Almost

The date is set, the flight is booked. We officially have only less than 1 month in Aberdeen. By end of this month we will start our new journey in Australia. The movers will come to pack everything away a few days before departure, and the list of … [Read more...]

An Overdue Update

Yes, it has been 19 days since my last posting, but I wouldn't bore you with excuses. Instead, here is some stuff I could share by now: Moving - again! … [Read more...]

Leaving on A Jet Plane (2)

I think I should write this now before it's too close to my departure. I know when the time comes I will be too emotional, and I hate showing tears in public. I'm known to be feisty and distant, while secretly I'm helplessly sappy. Living in … [Read more...]

Leaving on A Jet Plane

I'm leaving. 35 days from now, I will be sipping cappuccino in Starbucks, but thousand miles away from here. The coffee will taste the same, but everything else won't. I'm leaving. 35 days from now, I will be typing my blog in an apartment, but … [Read more...]