On Live Concert

I just purchased two tickets for Nickeback concert in Glasgow next May, and am very excited since it would be the first live concert that I watch. To say that it was the first as real first isn't true, because when I was working in Fox Studio complex … [Read more...]

Something Scottish For Today

You might not realise that Donald Trump is half Scottish. But it is the only reason why he insists on building the golf resort in Scotland, surrounding his mansion (which is called 'The Donald' by his ex wife Ivanka) in Balmedie, north of Aberdeen. … [Read more...]

And The Music Takes It All

It's been a painful week, basically: mentally, physically, spiritually. Practically avoided 3 dimensional human being and ignored phone calls and texts and only did a one way communication through faceboook, which isn't really communication but … [Read more...]

Surabaya Johnny

(Uncle) Nick, who's technically not my uncle but more like uncle-in-law, is a huge opera fan. He could fly to Switzerland or Germany for the weekend just to watch the performance. His and Alison's house is full of opera singers and shows posters from … [Read more...]

American I-Dull

I am embarrassingly watching American Idol now. I have never been a fan, and only saw the show on and off, if it happens to be on telly, but since a few weeks a go I decided to tape it so I wouldn't miss it (people in Indonesia would not be familiar … [Read more...]