Missing Scotland

Maybe because it's summer, sunny and hot and it's Christmas and it's supposed to be cold and snowy. Certainly because Walker's shortbreads are sold everywhere but I know nothing compares to granny mck's homemade ones: straight from the oven full of … [Read more...]

An Overdue Update

Yes, it has been 19 days since my last posting, but I wouldn't bore you with excuses. Instead, here is some stuff I could share by now: Moving - again! … [Read more...]

The End of An Era (?)

It's official. Bugils Jakarta (I can never know the right spell. Is it Bugil's or Bugils? BuGils or BuGil's?) will hold their very last party in December 13th. We have heard the rumour about Bugils closing down forever, but this time it is for … [Read more...]

Another Reason To Drink and Be Merry

Cazbar is celebrating its anniversary, and I am proud to announce to the world, that the bar, which name was formed during a weekend away at one of the shareholders' house through some quiz (the one who came up with the name that would be used for … [Read more...]


A combination of a scheduler who pays a great attention to details and a natural worrier would be the worst. It's me. Me. Me. I am such a pain in the butt to those who think that birds are chirping and the world is smiling and everything is perfect … [Read more...]


I went to my first céilidh (pronounced kay-lee) in Aberdeen last December at The Marcliffe Hotel (which, to me personally, was a disaster, since I wore a long ball gown that sweeps the floor, very glamorous for waltz but not suitable for Scottish … [Read more...]

Burns Supper

We're back in Aberdeen after 6-week holiday in Indonesia and Vietnam. The prospect of going back to cold, gray, wet weather wasn't really appealing; especially when we were transiting in Amsterdam and seeing outside the window of Schiphol Airport. … [Read more...]


RSVP: "Répondez s'il-vous-plaît" or "Réservez s'il-vous-plaît", a French phrase that translates to "Please respond" or "Please book your place". "Response Shall Verify Presence" is an English substitute for the meaning of "R.S.V.P." What would you … [Read more...]


Etiquette, one aspect of decorum, is a code that governs the expectations of social behavior, according to the conventionalnorm within a society, social class, or group. Usually unwritten, it may be codified in written form. … [Read more...]

Toilet Conversations

Other than in our own bedrooms, the place that we could reveal the truth and reality is in the toilet. Only by how people take lines and turns, I can see whether they're polite or rude (I was once having an argument with a very high-class lookalike … [Read more...]