Bizarre Virtual Attack

I have encountered a bizarre moment this week. Suddenly someone I barely know cowardly sent a private message to  friends of mine, saying how embarrassed she would be if she doesn't work and yet keep spending her husband's money. A friend alerted me … [Read more...]

My Contemplation of Being Older (3)

Post script 5 December: This thread was written under the influence of at least a bottle of champagne and a bottle of Barolo. I just read it again today and have found so many errors and mistakes. I think it is a perfect sign of aging, the … [Read more...]

Belated Apology from The Ass-Pincher

About four years a go, mr.mck and Huib celebrated their joined birthday by throwing a BBQ party at Bugil's bar. I think it was either Saturday or Sunday afternoon, and there were about 50 people turned up to stuff their faces with sausages, burgers … [Read more...]

When Things Gone Sour

This particular woman drove me mad almost two years ago. Her twisted mind and even more twisted words were really upsetting, and I had to remind myself that she is married to someone I care about, to calm myself down. … [Read more...]


Ihave found out lately that this person - let's say the name is Copycat - whom I know through a friend, has been following my virtual steps. Although to be honest, I think that this person has been doing this waaay before I have entered … [Read more...]

Toilet Humour

In certain shopping malls in Surabaya, like Tunjungan Plaza and Surabaya Delta Plaza, every time you have the urge, you have to pay Rp 1,000 (around USD 0.10) per person to enter the toilet. This weird policy has been applied for years without … [Read more...]

Why I Took The Wrong Toll Exit This Afternoon

Note: The story happened more than 6 months ago. By then I was still working for L'Oreal Group Indonesia. I was managing a finance project which consolidated 9 countries throughout Asia, and then my boss decided to go ahead with office renovation … [Read more...]

Bila Aku Harus Sabar, Maka Itu Hanya Demi, Karena, dan Untuk Ibu

Paling sebal bila ada orang yang merasa ia tahu dan mengenal kita luar dalam, kadang-kadang lebih dari diri kita sendiri. Paling sebal bila ada orang yang merasa ia lebih suci dan sibuk menasehati kita, padahal di dunia ini mana ada orang yang … [Read more...]