August Monthly Roundup

I can't believe it's September already. The year 2012 has certainly been passing so quickly for me, and there is still so much to do, so many places to visit, and so many people to catch up with. … [Read more...]

Not My Lucky Day

On one Sunday mr.mck and I decided to go for a brunch, and since the day before we had a quite successful experience with Boucla Cafe using the book "The Food Lovers' Guide To Perth" as our inspiration, we decided to check another spot listed in the … [Read more...]

Hello From Down Under (3) – G’day!

Last Friday was the day of that marked our 2-week settlement in Perth.  But we are still in the adjustment phase, where we compare everything here with what we used to have back home. From what I've learned in my settlement course 2 years a go when I … [Read more...]

Hello From Down Under (2) – The First Shocking Moments

Shocked after landed in Perth under its glorious sunshine at 5 o'clock in the afternoon, I quickly reminded myself that we are no longer in Aberdeen, where it gets dark before 4 PM, where  it is cold, windy, and wet all day. We were discussing the … [Read more...]

Foot Notes

Head note (what do you call a note before footnote?): this post is about, what else, feet. And shoes. Again. Prepare to be bored to death. Last weekend was a busy one. Woke up really early - 4.30 AM to be exact - last Friday to get ready, mostly … [Read more...]

Bart and ‘Sweet Home Obama’ Go International

Bartele Santema is in his element. I can imagine him sitting down in a dressing room, powdered-face, maybe a little bit of lip gloss and mascara to enhance his features, a stack of stroopwafels on the table, a glass of beer in one hand, practicing … [Read more...]

Before Hiatus

I've got to say that it has been a busy week for me. I had a promising lunch meeting to discuss the future of Indonesian Expatriates Forum last Friday at Cazbar. Tamara and Greg turned up after 5 and we had few drinks before decided to try our luck … [Read more...]